FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan First Biannual Report




July 1, 2006 – December 31, 2006 Strategic Plan Report




Tucker, Foley, White, Davis, Allshouse






April 4, 2007


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In September 2005, the Board of Supervisors initiated the County’s FY 07 – FY10 strategic planning process and identified the County goals and strategic priorities for this planning cycle.  Between September 05 and June 06, the Board held numerous work sessions to review staff’s analysis and recommendations on the Board’s strategic priorities and finalized the Plan’s strategic objectives. The outcome of these work sessions ensured the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan’s objectives are clear, actionable, and results-oriented to provide focus and drive the County’s strategic efforts in the years ahead. After the draft plan was made available to the public and staff for review and comments, the Board approved the FY 07-FY10 Strategic Plan effective July 06. 


In September 2006, The Board’s strategic goal “to develop a comprehensive funding strategy to address the County’s growing needs” became the basis of the Board’s Strategic Plan Retreat and subsequent work sessions.


In addition to connecting the strategic plan to the budgeting process, an important aspect of a successful strategic planning effort is the incorporation and review of performance indicators. During the first half of the fiscal year, staff identified key performance indicators” or KPIs, for each strategic objective. The Strategic Plan KPIs encompass a variety of indicators. Some KPIs are output-based and measure efforts that are within staff’s direct control. The data for these indicators can be collected more frequently and will be reviewed on a regular basis to assist staff in making adjustments to their strategies, if necessary. Other KPIs are considered to be more outcome-oriented and are long-term in nature. For example, the KPIs included in the Citizen Survey questionnaire will only be collected and analyzed on a biennial basis. Many of the measures are broad in scope and will be used to measure progress and activities that are influenced by external factors that are not all within staff’s control. These measures are included to provide “indicators” of the County’s progress, overall.  As a body of measures, the variety of KPIs included in the plan should provide useful insight for County staff, our partners, the Board of Supervisors, and citizens to ascertain whether the resources provided and efforts undertaken are effectively moving the plan’s priorities forward in a successful way.


During the first 6 months of this planning cycle, in addition to the identification of KPIs, staff leadership and teams developed action plans, and began working to achieve the County’s objectives.  In January, 280 County staff members attended a strategic plan “Passport to the Future” event to learn about the County’s vision for the future, the new Strategic Plan, and what efforts are underway directly from staff members who are leading and striving to achieve the goals set forward in the FY 07-FY 10 Strategic Plan.


A Strategic Plan progress report will be provided to the Board in the spring and fall of each year.



 FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan Progress Report



The first report for the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan is attached for the Board’s review. This report highlights activities underway during the first half of the fiscal year, identifies the KPIs as described above, and provides trend data from the County’s citizen surveys for each of the nine strategic objectives.  Numeric and actual data on the applicable KPIs will be provided to the Board in the fall report.


In fall 2007, during the Board’s annual retreat, the Board will review the County’s annual progress, additional data from an “environmental scan,” and will identify any additional challenges and opportunities for the County to consider in regard to the FY07-FY10 Strategic Plan.  At that time, the Board may adjust the Plan or any of its components to ensure the County addresses its strategic challenges and achieves its vision.



The County’s Strategic Planning process is tied to the County’s budgeting process.



It is recommended that the Board review this information and provide comments or suggestions to Lori Allshouse so that any suggestions or concerns can be addressed prior to the Board’s next annual retreat.



Strategic Plan Report

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