March 6, 2007



Neal Deputy

134 Tenth Street, NW, Suite 1

Charlottesville, VA 22903



RE:      SP 2006-00038, Montessori Community School - Amendment (Signs # 49 & 50)

Tax Map 78 Parcels 12A and 12A1



Dear Mr. Deputy:


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on February 20, 2007, unanimously recommended approval of the above-noted petition to the Board of Supervisors.

Please note that this approval is subject to the following conditions:


1.      Maximum enrollment shall be 300 students.

2.      The site shall be developed in general accord with the plan entitled “Montessori Pantops Mountain Community School Sheets SP01-SP-03”, prepared by Neal R. Deputy, Architecture & Master Planning, last revised January 16, 2007.

3.      Fencing shall be provided at a minimum around the perimeter of the Central Lawn, Lower Elementary Playground, and Children’s House Playground, or at other locations as required by the County to ensure safety of children adjacent to Route 250 and Rolkin Road. Final design of the fence shall be subject to review and approval by the Architectural Review Board. However, to address safety concerns, the fence details shall include:

§         At least 48’’ tall

§         No more than a 2” gap under the fence

§         Openings shall be small enough that a 4” sphere will not pass through

§         No ornamental indentations that can be used as a ladder

§         Maximum mesh size for chain link fences is 2-1/4’’

§         Maximum mesh size for diagonal lattice fences is 1-3/4’’


Additionally, the Planning Commission unanimously approved the waiver of Section 21.7.3 – 20 foot buffer zone adjacent to Residential/Rural Districts for SP-2006-00038, Montessori Community School - Amendment, subject to the following condition:


  1. Screening requirements of Section are met.


Please be advised that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will review this petition and receive public comment at their meeting on March 14, 2007.


If you should have any questions or comments regarding the above noted action, please do not hesitate to contact me at (434) 296-5832.



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Rebecca A. Ragsdale

Senior Planner

Planning Division