Attachment B

Local CEO Support Letter




March 7, 2007



TO:     Virginia Housing Development Authority

            601 South Belvidere Street

            Richmond, Virginia 23220-6500

            Attention:  Jim Chandler





            VHDA Tracking Number:         2007-Z-38

            Name of Development: Crozet Meadows

            Name of Owner/Applicant:       Crozet Meadows, LP


            The construction or rehabilitation of Crozet Meadows and the allocation of federal housing tax credits available under IRC Section 42 for that development will help meet the housing needs and priorities of ALBEMARLE COUNTY.  Accordingly, Albemarle County supports the allocation of federal housing tax credits requested by Crozet Meadows, LP for that development.



                                                                                    Yours truly,




                                                                                    Robert W. Tucker, Jr.

                                                                                    County Executive


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