Public Hearing for Six Year Secondary Road  Plan




Public Hearing on Six Year Secondary Road Plan




Messrs.: Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Benish, Wade







February 14, 2007


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This public hearing is to receive public input on the County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements (Page 1 of Attachment C) and the proposed VDOT Six Year Secondary System Construction Program (Attachment D).  The Board held a work session on January 3, 2007 to review the Six Year Secondary Road Priority List. At the meeting, VDOT staff distributed the draft Six Year Secondary System Construction Plan, which is based on the County’s Six Year Secondary Road Priority List and is reflective of available funding.  The Board of Supervisors requested that staff create a version of the County Priority List that identifies the projects that are scheduled to receive funding from VDOT and the County over the next six years (Attachment A) and also provide a list of VDOT’s bridge project priorities (Attachment B).




Goal Three:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.




As requested by the Board, staff has provided a version of the County’s Priority List of Road Improvements which indicates the level of funding provided to each project on the List (Attachment A).  The VDOT Secondary System Construction Program (Attachment D) essentially provides the same information.  The VDOT Six Year Program provides a plan for the allocations of available road construction funds over the six year period which is intended to reflect the priorities of the County.  Page 1 of the VDOT Program shows anticipated total allocations of road construction funding over the next six years.  The remaining pages indicate how those funds will be allocated to projects over that six year period.  Much like the County’s CIP, the first year (FY 07-08) of the Program is the budget year and VDOT appropriations for that year should reflect the adopted plan. 


Staff provides the following additional comments:





The Six Year Road Planning process primarily establishes the County’s priorities for the expenditure of State/VDOT secondary road construction funds.  The County has already directed VDOT to transfer previously allocated funding from the Proffit Road, Old Ivy Road and Northern Free State Road projects to Meadow Creek Parkway.  Funding has not been reduced for Jarman’s Gap Road and Georgetown Road projects in an effort to maintain the current construction schedules. Additionally, funding is already earmarked in the CIP for revenue sharing and transportation projects to match the Revenue Sharing Program funding request for FY 07.




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors approve the County Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements (Attachment C) and authorize the County Executive to sign the VDOT Secondary System Construction Program for Albemarle County consistent with the County’s Priority List (consistent with the draft provided in Attachment D).




Attachment A – Funding Information on Projects In VDOT’s Six Year Construction Program

Attachment B – Bridge Priority List

Attachment C- Draft List of Strategic Priority for the Six Year Secondary Road List

                        Priority List for Paving Projects (regular and rural rustic)

                        Technical Addendum
Attachment D1 – Secondary System Construction Program Estimated Allocations  

Attachment D2 -  Secondary System Construction Program

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