ZMA 2005-0007 Haden Place



Haden Place is a request to rezone 6.69 acres from R2 Residential to NMD Neighborhood Model District for 34 residential units (20 detached, 14 attached).



Cilimberg, Echols, Ragsdale








February 14, 2007


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Wendell W. Gibson of Gibson Homes is the owner/applicant with Kelly Strickland of Dominion Development Resources (formerly Rivanna Engineering & Surveying) as the consulting engineer.




A public hearing was held on this rezoning at the Planning Commission on July 11, 2006 and the Commission recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors. Staff and the Planning Commission found the following factors favorable, leading to the recommendation of approval:


On October 11, 2006, the Board held a public hearing on this rezoning request and voted to defer the item. (Minutes from 10/11/06-Attachment A). Discussion and issues identified by the Board during consideration of this item included:


On December 1, 2006, the applicant submitted a response letter to each item the Board discussed at the October meeting, along with revised proffers and an amendment to the application plan. At their December 13, 2006 meeting, the Board further discussed the new information provided by the applicant: off-site construction of the interconnection to Summerford Lane in Ballard Field (Old Trail), with the permission from the adjoining property owner; provision of phasing of affordable housing units in the proffers; provision of frontage improvements to both Haden and Killdeer Lanes; and, off-site improvements to include the widening of Haden Lane to 18 feet of pavement width from the Haden Place property north to Jarman’s Gap Road, but no longer proposing the same for Killdeer Lane.


Following this discussion, the Board deferred the rezoning to allow staff to evaluate the new information and to provide direction to the applicant regarding traffic impacts, interconnections and off-site improvements, and to devise acceptable language for phasing of affordable housing units within the project.




Since the December Board meeting, staff has evaluated the revised submittal provided by the applicant and the applicant has revised the proffers and plans to respond to staff recommendations. The County Engineer has worked in conjunction with VDOT staff to determine recommended off-site improvements and has made further field evaluations to provide the analysis and recommendations to address traffic impacts from Haden Place, discussed below.


Provision of an interconnection to Summerford Lane in adjoining Old Trail and Other Off-Site Improvements


The applicant proposes to construct a connection from Haden Place to Summerford Lane as illustrated on the attached application plan and committed to in the attached proffers. (Attachments B-Proffers and D-Application Plan). Since the December meeting, the applicant has been able to provide written acknowledgement from the Ballard Field  property owner that they will allow construction of this interconnection. The previous plan and proffers reviewed at the Board’s October 11, 2006 public hearing proposed that this interconnection be constructed to the Haden Place/Ballard Field property line only.


The County Transportation Engineer, Jack Kelsey, and Chuck Proctor (VDOT) assessed the potential traffic impact to Haden Lane resulting from the connection to Summerford Lane.  The assessment assumed that the east-west connection between Killdeer Lane and the Haden Lane labeled “Proposed Connector Road” (shown on Attachment D) would be barricaded at Killdeer Lane.  Consideration was then given to the potential diversion of some Haden Place traffic from Haden Lane to Summerford Lane enroute to Old Trail Drive.  The assessment also considered the potential diversion of some Ballard Field traffic, from Old Trail Drive to Haden Lane,  enroute to Jarmans Gap Road and downtown Crozet.  The projected traffic on Haden Lane from existing and proposed development is illustrated on Attachment-E and summarized below.


Haden Lane Projected Average Daily Trips

Existing Lots:                140 adt

Haden Place:                 189 adt   (284 total; the remaining 95adt (33%) assumed to go to  Old Trail Drive)

Ballard Field:                 212 adt   (30% diverted from Old Trail Drive)

Total Projected Traffic:    541 adt


The Haden Place development further proposes improvements to Haden Lane along its frontage that will accommodate this traffic volume.  However, the off-site portion of Haden Lane north of Haden Place to Jarmans Gap Road also needs widening to 20 feet to comply with VDOT requirements. The applicant has also provided for this in revised proffers and on the revised application plan. (Attachment F)  This widening can be accommodated within the existing right-of-way through a method called “trench widening”.  VDOT has successfully used this approach on some of their road projects and Attachments G and H show examples of trench widening using a milling machine and a motor-grader with a special blade attachment.  


Frontage improvements along Killdeer Lane are proposed on the application plan, as recommended by staff.  These improvements include constructing the “Proposed Connector Road” between Haden Lane and Killdeer Lane with the installation of bollards at the western end of the “Proposed Connector Road”, adjacent to the intersection with Killdeer Lane.  These bollards will remain in place until the northern off-site portion of Killdeer Lane is widened and the sight distance at Jarman’s Gap Road is improved.


Finally, the approved road plans for Ballard Field required the developer to provide a barricade between their Haden Terrace/Haden Lane improvements and the existing Haden Lane (Attachment-I) This is because the portion of Haden Lane off-site of Ballard Field is about 16 feet wide and is recommended to be widened to 20 feet to comply with VDOT standards (Attachment-J-Photo of Haden Lane South). The applicant has provided for this improvement in their proffers and application plan which will allow the barricade to be removed and Ballard Field traffic to be dispersed to two points of access on Haden Lane.



Timing of Construction of the Affordable Housing Units


The applicant has provided for a phasing of half of the affordable units by completion of half of the market rate units. This is provided for with Proffer # 6b, which includes language that the Housing Director, County Attorney, and Zoning Administrator prefer.



In consideration of prior staff and Planning Commission recommendations and subsequent Board concerns, staff believes the applicant has appropriately addressed issues as to interconnections, deficiencies of Haden and Killdeer Lanes and timing of construction of affordable housing units.


Should the Board find that the applicant’s plan and proffers adequately address the project’s impacts, staff recommend’s approval of ZMA 2005-0007 with the attached proffers, code of development, and application plan.



A.      Board of Supervisor minutes from October 11, 2006 meeting for Agenda Item No. 10. ZMA -2005-007 Haden Place

B.      ZMA 2005-007 Haden Place Proffer Form, last revised February 5, 2007

C.      Haden Place ZMA 2005-007 Application Plan, last revised February 5, 2007 and prepared by Dominion Development Resources

D.      Haden Place Neighborhood Model Code of Development, last revised February 5, 2007 and prepared by Dominion Development Resources

E.      Projected Traffic Distribution

F.      Offsite Haden Lane – North

G.     Milling Machine Trench Widening

H.      Motor-Grader Trench Widening

I.        Haden Lane at Ballard Field

J.       Off-site Haden Lane - South 

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