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Intergenerational Partnership Concept Proposal

November 29, 2006




The Jefferson Area Board for the Aging hosted a meeting on November 21, 2006 between Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning (JILL) representatives and Division staff to informally discuss the potential for a partnership between Albemarle High School and the Institute. The Institute has been in operation since 2001 and is recognized as a University-Related Foundation by the University of Virginia Board of Visitors. JILL is an all-volunteer organization, with the exception of two part-time staff members, that serves our community by bringing together people from various backgrounds and experiences who share a common interest in learning and intellectual stimulation. JILL brings together seniors and retirees from across the community to engage in coursework taught by specialists in their fields who work or have worked at the university level or are professionals from the community at large.   Gordon Walker, Diantha McKeel, Jim McGrath, Leigh Middleditch, Pam Moran, and Diane Behrens were in attendance at the meeting. Matt Haas was unable to come but is informed about the concept proposal.

Concept Description:

The intergenerational concept option proposed to Division staff at this meeting would provide additional space to house the office and program space needs of JILL at Albemarle High School. This would create an opportunity during the school day for the JILL program courses to be taught on site at AHS and through this partnership to allow AHS to utilize potential resources available through JILL – volunteers, guest lecturers and instructors, and possible seats available to students in JILL courses. In conjunction with the potential development of a specialty center at AHS, the JILL proposal offers an opportunity for our Division to develop an innovative approach to partnering with a senior organization committed to lifelong learning. This concept proposal supports the Albemarle County Public Schools’ Goals (including the volunteer outcome measure for Goal 1, Priority 1.2) as well as the Albemarle County Government’s Goal to “provide high quality educational opportunities for citizens of all ages.”

Consideration Rationale:

This concept proposal provides an opportunity to research and potentially develop a site and facility model that shifts schools from being created and viewed as primarily PK-12 facilities through a prototype for a 24/7 community-school center concept in this Division. The shifting age demographics for this community point to the need for resources that mutually serve the learning needs of an increasing elder population as well as the 4-18 year-old and adult education populations. JILL representatives identify the need for a dependable space for scheduled programs as critical to continuation and expansion of their offerings within the community. This partnership has the potential to mutually enhance and enrich the experiences of high school students and seniors within one learning community.  


Staff be directed to work with JILL representatives and local government as appropriate to research factors and variables that would be used to determine the feasibility of this intergenerational concept being implemented as a component of the proposed AHS addition or in the future at AHS or another school. Such factors and variables may include but not be limited to square footage costs, available funding sources beyond the Division’s CIP, operational costs, parking and handicapped accessibility needs, and other school- community priorities. 

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