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Appropriation #2007050                                                                                                                 $2,325.24


            Revenue Source:                        Donations                                  $   2,325.24


At its meeting on December 14, 2006, the School Board approved the following appropriation requests:


Broadus Wood Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $2,325.24 from the Broadus Wood PTO.  This donation was made to facilitate a part-time Spanish teacher for Kindergarten and 1st grades at Broadus Wood Elementary.


Appropriation #2007052                                                                                                             $245,343.50


            Revenue Source:                        City of Charlottesville                  $ 245,343.50


At its meeting on October 5, 2005, the Board of Supervisors authorized staff to proceed with procuring a study for an Eastern Connector using a 50-50 cost sharing agreement with the City and that it expend no more than $250,000.00 from the CIP for the County’s share of the study.  Staff has successfully procured this service at a contract cost of $490,687.00.   The County’s share of the project will be funded with a $245,343.50 transfer from existing transportation improvement funds appropriated in the Capital Improvements Program.  Since the County will be issuing the contract for the full contract cost, this appropriation will also recognize as revenue into the CIP, the City’s $245,343.50 share of this project.


Appropriation #2007053                                                                                                                          $ 0


During the FY06/07 budget process, an additional Bright Stars Coordinator position was approved as a strategic initiative for the Department of Social Services.  The funds for this position were budgeted 100% to the Bright Stars Fund however costs for the Bright Stars Program coordinator positions are shared on a 60/40 basis with Family Support.  This appropriation will allocate 60% of the new coordinator position costs from the Bright Stars Fund to Family Support.  No additional funding is required.


Appropriation #2007054                                                                                                                           $ 0


            Revenue Source:                        Board Contingency                     $ 50,450.00


During the FY06/07 budget development process, the Jefferson Area Board on Aging (JABA) requested $50,450.00 from the County to support operations at Mountainside Senior Living.  This funding was approved contingent on receipt of a business plan. JABA subsequently provided the County with a business plan that includes sustained County funding for Mountainside. This appropriation uses $50,450.00 of the Board’s contingency to provide funding to Mountainside. Further details, including the history of funding for Mountainside, are included in a separate executive summary on the consent agenda.


Appropriation #2007055                                                                                                               $23,050.00


Revenue Source:                        ECC Fund Balance                    $ 23,050.00


At its January 16, 2007 meeting the ECC Management Board approved the transfer of funds in the amount of $23,050.00 from the ECC Fund Balance Account to fund consultant studies for the Emergency Communications Center.


Since its opening in 2001, ECC has experienced periodic problems with its UPS Battery System with numerous batteries being replaced over the past years.  The electrical engineering firm of Simmons, RockeCharlie & Prince, who are quite experienced in data center backup power requirements and battery design, are being recommended to conduct this study for ECC at a cost of $9,150.00


RCC Consultants will review and recommend alternatives to ECC’s present paging systems for Fire and Rescue. These paging systems have been in existence for over 20 years. The fire service uses low band technology and EMS uses high band technology. We are in the process of combining both agencies together which will require an updated system that they both can use. This upgrade will also allow integration with the new 800 MHz Trunking Radio system and allow some redundancy to be built into the system.  The cost for this consulting service will be $13,900.00.


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