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Examples of Projects Made Possible by Proffers


  1. Schools: 


A.      The School Division reports that the $1.1 million Wide Area Network (WAN) upgrade for Woodbrook and Agnor Hurt, Jouett and Albemarle from 10 MH to 100MH in 2003 was funded in part with $150,377 from the Still Meadows Proffer.

B.      The WAN upgrade for Stone Robinson and Monticello was funded in part by $90,000 from the Glenmore Proffer.

C.      The 1998 addition at Stone Robinson and the later roof/HVAC work was funded in part with $500,000 from the Glenmore Proffer


  1. Transportation:

A.      ZMA- 1992-12 UVA Fontaine Research Park  Road improvements along Fontaine Avenue from the ramp of the bypass to the eastern most corner of the research park property.

B.      ZMA-1992-12  Peter Jefferson Place proffered road improvements and a traffic signal along Route 250 East.  

C.      ZMA-2001-19 Hollymead Town Center B, ZMA-2001- 20 Hollymead Town Center C proffered road improvements along Route 29 North.

D.      ZMA-1998-13 Spring Ridge proffered a round about and road across the Hollymead dam. This allowed school busses and others to travel from Forest Lakes North to Hollymead Elementary School and Sutherland Middle School without venturing onto Route 29.

E.      ZMA-2005-8 Pantops Park  proffered the extension of Spotnap Road to Route 250 and its dedication to public use.

F.      ZMA-1997-1 Still Meadow  proffered a traffic signal at intersection of Rio Road and Old Brook Road       


  1. Parks and Recreation:

The $25,000 from ZMA-1989-23 River Heights was used for trail construction along the Rivanna River near Free Bridge.

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