Revised FY 07/08 Budget and CIP Events Calendar




Revised calendar of the FY 07/08 Operating Budget and FY 08-12 CIP / FY 13-17 Capital Needs Assessment is provided for information




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December 6, 2006


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The original FY 07/08 Operating and CIP Budget Calendar was provided to the Board on October 4, 2006. During the joint meeting between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board on November 1, 2006, the School Board requested that the second public hearing be moved so that it would not coincide with the school system’s spring break. Staff subsequently reviewed the calendar to see what changes would be needed to accommodate the School Board’s request.




Develop a comprehensive strategy/plan for funding future needs




There are several dates in the budget presentation and approval process that cannot be moved due to state code requirements.  The first one is that we are required by state code to adopt the tax rate by April 15th if we have our first-half tax year collection in June. Therefore, we cannot move the adoption date forward and must stay with the April 11th adoption of the tax rate. Working back from that date, the Virginia Code requires that there be seven days between the public hearing for the budget and the adoption of the budget and seven days between the public advertisement of the budget and tax rate public hearings and the actual hearing dates. Those dates, therefore, also cannot be moved.


During the budget calendar review, staff realized that the Board’s work sessions actually needed to be moved back a week from the original schedule in order to meet the code requirements for the seven days between the public advertisement and the public hearing. Those budget work sessions are now set to begin on Monday the 11th and end with the 4th or final budget work session on Wednesday, March 21st.  


Since the adoption date for the tax rate cannot be delayed, there are only two options for changing the Board’s public hearing from April 4th, which conflicts with the school’s spring break, to Wednesday, March 28th .  One option is to move the whole budget process back a week and have the budget delivered to the Board the last week of February, rather than the 1st of March.  This option would not only be very difficult for budget staff to change at this point, but the Superintendent has indicated that it would also be difficult for the School Board to move its review schedule back a week.   The second option is for the Board to condense its work session schedule by moving the work sessions back a week and completing them by March 14th. This would allow the Board to meet the advertising requirements for a March 28th public hearing. 


In reviewing the budget schedule, staff also determined that with all the financial preparation work being done with the “funding the future” work sessions and the October CIP session with the School Board that the February Business Plan work session will probably not be needed, so staff is proposing that it be cancelled.  


The following chart shows the revised calendar, which will be the calendar for the work sessions and public hearings unless the Board directs staff to implement the alternative calendar to meet the School Board’s request for a public hearing date other than April 4th.




Original Calendar

Revised Calendar

Alternative Calendar

Business Plan Work Session

February 7



Recommended Budget to Board    

March 7

March 1

March 1

Public Hearing on Recommended Budget

March 14

March 7

March 7

BOS Work Sessions

March 19, 21, 26, 28

March 12, 14, 19, 21

March 8, 12, 14, 15

Public Hearing Advertised

April 2

March 25

March 18

2nd Public Hearing

April 4

April 4

March 28

Board Adopts Budget and Sets Tax Rate

April 11

April 11

April 11





No budget impact.




The above revised calendar is for the Board’s information and will be the official budget process schedule, unless the Board directs staff to implement the alternative calendar.   As you can see from the attached Alternative Calendar, it condenses and compresses your meeting schedule, especially for work sessions, which will impact staff preparation and Board of Supervisors’ review. 




Alternative Budget Calendar


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