Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

October 2006




Construction                                                                                               Active Construction Projects

BP-7A-05 (District wide bridge painting project)                                                                       

PM-7B-06 (Primary roads paving schedule)

·         Route 250 from Old Ivy Rd. to West Leigh Dr.: Paving complete.  A minor portion of pavement line marking and installation of plowable markers remain to complete this section. Anticipate completion by the last week of October.

Route 601, Old Ivy Road, 0601-002-6261, SR01

·         The bridge deck demolition in the area necessary for the repair work has been completed and the damaged bridge beam has been removed.  Tentative schedule is to place the new bridge beam on 10-29-06.


Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

R/W is currently being negotiated.  After R/W is acquired and utilities are relocated, Luckstone will construct the project under permit.

On schedule for a June 2008 Ad Date.  Right of Way plans have been approved.  The Notice to Proceed for right of way acquisition was issued October 4, 2006.  Funding is being addressed to keep on schedule.

Advertisement date will be adjusted to show an August 2009 ad.  R/W plans are expected to be signed by July 30, 2007.

Preliminary schedule was submitted to Dennis Rooker on August 23rd.  The project will only include pedestrian and safety improvements and will not be federal.

This project is on hold as funds may need to be transferred to Rt 643 at the request of the county.  District has submitted the bridge replacement projects to Richmond for Federal funds consideration.

The curve has been staked in the field and a scoping meeting has occurred.  Environmental is currently assessing impacts. 

Culvert and grading operations will begin in the fall of 2006.  The surface will be placed in the spring of 2007.

Greene County

It has been determined that the project is not eligible for federal funding.  Funding has been shifted to this project to be fully funded in F.Y. 2008.  Ad date will be set for spring of 2007.


Planning, Permits and Land Development


Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System




Traffic Engineering


Albemarle - Completed







29 (Seminole Trail)

Route 641

Fully signalized traffic signal

Completed 10/16/06






Albemarle – Being reviewed







22 (Louisa Rd)

Near Cismont Farm

School Bus Stop Ahead

To Traffic 9/20/06

302 (UVA)


Pedestrian signals

To Traffic 10/13/06

1116 (Riverbend Dr)

Int of Route 20

Right turn lane sharing

To Traffic 10/12/06

1670 (Ashwood Blvd)

Ashwood Blvd

Speed study

To Traffic 9/27/06

1722 (Worth Crossing)

Worth Crossing

Speed study

To Traffic 9/27/06

631 (5th St Ext)

Stagecoach Road

Signal study

To Traffic 10/17/06
















Greene – Being reviewed








Int of Route 622

Signal study

Field review 10/19/06; analysis pending.




Maintenance work completed

Albemarle County

658 (Barracks Farm),  676 (Tilman), and 719 (Alberene).

(Green Creek), 629 (Browns Gap), 633 (Heards Mtn), 633 (Cove Garden), 634 (Spring Valley),

638 (Blacks Ln), 640 (Gilbert Station), 643 (Rio Mills), 661 (Reas Ford), 662 (Bleakhouse), 671

(Davis Shop), 673 (Breakheart), 688 (Midway), 689 (Pounding Creek), 697 (Sutherland), 702 (Reservoir),

711 (Burton Rd), 712 (N Garden Ln), 713 (Dyers Mill), 717 (Secretary Sand), 720 (Harris Creek),

722 (Old Green Mtn), 723 (Sharon), 745 (Poorhouse), 746 (Fosters Branch), 754 (Loving), 760

(Red Hill Schl), 767 (Rabbit Valley), 766 (Pea Ridge), 769 (Rocky Hollow), 782 (Stribling Extd),

795 (Blenheim), 807 (Hawkshill), 811 (Jones Mill), and 856 (Burton Ln).

723 (Sharon).

(Millington), 688 (Midway), 702 (Reservoir), 715 (Esmont), 722 (Old Green), 723 (Sharon),

747 (Preddy Creek), 759 (Three Chopt), 760 (Red Hill Schl), 810 (Browns Gap), and 868 (Corville Frm).

(Hammocks Gap), 614 (Garth), 630 (Green Creek), 631 (Old Lynchburg), 631 (Rio), 637 (Dickwoods)

649 (Proffitt), 664 (Markwood), 665 (Buck Mtn), 671 (Millington), 680 (Browns Gap Trnpk),

688 (Midway), 689 (Pounding Creek), 690 (Newtown), 691 (greenwood/Jarmans Gap), 692 (Plank),

708 (Red Hill), 712 (Coles Rolling), 717 (Secretary Sand), 743 (Earlysville), 745 (Hungrytown),

750 (Old Turnpike), 769 (Rocky Hollow), 778 (Johnsons), 780 (Old Lynchburg), 781 (Sunset Ave

Ext’d), 789 (Buck Rd), 803 (Goodloe), 1427 (Northfield), 1430 (Solomon), and 1575 (Austin).

736 (Pughs Store), 745 (Arrowhead Valley), 784 (Doctors Crossing), 810 (Browns Gap), 1177

(Dunlora), and 1427 (Northfield).

(Murrays), 729 (Milton), and 810 (Browns Gap).

Greene County

Planned Maintenance work – November 2006


Maintenance Budget



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