Attachment A


#2006097                                                                                                                                             $172,523.24


            Revenue Source:                        Glenmore Proffer Revenue                               $17,845.09

                                                            Glenmore Proffer Fund Balance                     $153,154.91

                                                            Federal Grants                                                $1,523.24


The state budget for the CDC Child Care Initiative Grant was increased by $1,523.24 from the original budget submitted to the county. There are matching federal funds for the increased budgeted expenses. There is no impact on local funds.


An expenditure of $171,000.00 from the Glenmore proffer was planned for the School CIP. However, official action was never taken to transfer the funds from the proffer. This appropriation officially transfers $171,000.00 to the School CIP.


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