This table summarizes/consolidates relevant information for the two potential Crozet Library sites from the Crozet Master Plan (CMP), which was adopted December 1, 2004 by the Board of Supervisors as part of the Comprehensive Plan. Additional information is provided regarding the zoning of each site.


 In summary, the CMP speaks directly to the new library being located in Downtown Crozet. While the CMP contemplates reuse of the Old Crozet School as a public use, it does not specifically recommend it for the new Crozet library. The Old School site also has the lowest intensity land use designation (CT1) in Crozet compared with Downtown which has the highest intensity land use designation (CT6). A library Downtown is consistent with the CMP and supportive of its recommendations while a library at the Old School site is supportive of only a few recommendations in the plan.



OLD CROZET SCHOOL (Waldorf School)



County of Albemarle-56-62, 56-61

County of Albemarle (Harris)-56A2-01-19A & 56A2-01-19



EXISTING ZONING-Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 18 Section 14

 R2 Residential

 R2 Residential


-USE Section


Libraries permitted as public uses on both sites


Both sites could potentially requiring a finding of compliance with the Master Plan by the Planning Commission, the Harris/Amato site would also require a rezoning to address setbacks and height restrictions






Public uses and buildings including temporary or mobile facilities such as schools, offices,

parks, playgrounds and roads funded, owned or operated by local, state or federal agencies

(reference 31.2.5); public water and sewer transmission main or trunk lines, treatment facilities, pumping stations and the like, owned and/or operated by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (reference 31.2.5, 5.1.12*). (Amended 11-1-89)



No street, park or other public area, or public structure, or public utility, public building or public

service corporation other than railroads, whether publicly or privately owned, shall be constructed,

established or authorized, unless and until the general location or approximate location, character and extent thereof has been submitted to and approved by the commission as being substantially in accord with the adopted comprehensive plan or part thereof. In connection with any such determination, the commission may establish such conditions of approval as deemed necessary to insure compliance with the comprehensive plan.

Widening, narrowing, extension, enlargement, vacation or change of use of streets or public areas

shall likewise be submitted for approval, but paving, repair, reconstruction, improvement, drainage or similar work and normal service extensions of public utilities or public service corporations shall not require approval unless involving a change in location or extent of a street or public area. The foregoing notwithstanding, the provisions of section 15.2-2232 of the Code shall apply to any such review.




Section 14.3 Zoning Ordinance








Section 14.3 Zoning Ordinance

35 feet

35 feet


North-Residential, Zoned R2, designated CT3

South-Residential, Zoned R2, designated CT3

East- Crozet Elementary School, Zoned RA, designated CT1

West-Residential, Zoned R2, designated CT3

North-Commercial with B&B Dry Cleaners, zoned C1, designated CT6

South- Residential/Church, Zoned R2, designated CT6

East-Residential/Church(?)/vacant, Zoned R2, designated CT6

West-Church/Commercial, Zoned C1, designated CT6



Place-Type & Built Infrastructure Map


Potential Library Site shown as pink squre.

 CT DESIGNATION-Table 1 & Table 2 CMP

CT1 Preservation-

Function- Preservation of open space & historic agricultural activities.  Clearly defines the edge of development.



Net Density- Very low residential density no greater than 1 unit/20 acres


Lot Area & Coverage- generally 5-20 ac., maximum lot coverage NA


Block Dimensions- N/A


Range of Building Heights-  N/A


Tree Canopy- N/A


Lot Type/Frontage Type- NA for CT1.  Farmsteads/agriculture possible in CT2


Side Setbacks- N/A









Land Uses Summary List- Very Restricted Development area open space preserve or reserve with very low residential density.



Residential- CT2 ONLY: Estate house, Accessory unit.  CT1; NA



Retail- CT2 ONLY: Small  retail building and first floor retail w/ residential over (i.e. cornerstore) CT1; NA

Civic/Civic Support- CT2 ONLY: Playground, Fountain or Public Art, Cemetary


Automotive, Industrial, Other- CT1 & CT2 ONLY: Rest stop,

Agriculture- CT1 & CT2: Grain storage, Livestock pen, Greenhouse, Stable, Kennel, Large animal vet, Roadside stand



 CT 6 Core-

Function-The commercial "hub" for several neighborhoods and/or villages, affecting an area approximately 2 to 5 miles out from its center.



Net Density-Up to 18 d.u./ac.; up to 36 d.u./ac. in mixed use setting


Lot Area & Coverage- No minimum lot size, 100% maximum lot coverage


Block Dimensions- 250-500.'  Maximum Perimeter = 2000.'


Range of Building Heights- 2-4 stories from main entry @ street level.(5 stories by exception to accommodate grades & pre-existing buildings.


Building Height/Street Width Ratio- Maximum ratio =1:2.  Minimum ratio =1:3.


Tree Canopy- When spatial enclosure falls below 1:3, enclosure by tree canopy is 1:2 except @ retail establishments.


Lot Type/Frontage Type- Commercial, multifamily, live/work and townhouse lots/ Shop, Arcade and Stoop.


Side Setbacks- 0-8'



Land Uses Summary List- Very Open



Residential- Apartment building, Row house, Townhouse, House, Accessory unit, Live work unit, Apartment over non-residential.

Office- Office Building, Live-work unit, Commercial first floor w/apartments over

Lodging- Hotel w/no room limit, Inn up to 12 rooms, school dormitory

Retail- Grocery, retail building and first floor retail w/ residential over (i.e. cornerstore), Display gallery, restaurant, kiosk, Push Cart

Civic/Civic Support- Live theater, Small movie theater, Conference center, religious assembly, library, Museum, outdoor auditorium, playground, fountain or Public art, parking structure, Bus shelter, Fire station, Police station, Funeral home, Medical/small animal vet clinic

Education- School, Child-care center

Automotive, Industrial, Other- Gasoline station, Drive-through facility & Shopping center all by exception.  Light industrial, Laboratory facility, Wireless transmitter and Warehouse all by exception.



Edge of Crozet North Downtown, almost adjacent to the Rural Area

Central to Downtown-Core


Not recommended site in CMP for Library and emphasis on Green Infrastructure Map as a Greenway Proposed Park/Recreation/Natural Area


Page 6, Recommendation #14-Reuse Historic Crozet Elementary School. The former school could eventually serve as an Albemarle County satellite facility for county services, public meetings and other community uses. If north downtown is included in an adjusted definition of the Development Area, it could be adaptively reused with some public and private residential functions in relation to the surrounding residential neighborhood.


Page 7, Crozet Priorities  DESIRED-LOW, Retrofit and reuse of old elementary school, north of downtown


Recommended in CMP and supportive of Downtown goals


Page 4, Major Findings and Recommendations, Downtown is the largest and most important center. Development in the immediate future should focus on the redevelopment and invigoration of the downtown area.


Page 5, Initial development in Downtown should emphasize completion of sidewalk system, placement of new library on Crozet Avenue, and creation of first two blocks of Main Street.


Recommendation #3, Construct new library on west side Crozet Ave. near Mountainside.


Page 7, Crozet Priorities, ESSENTIAL-HIGH, New library on Blue Goose Block, Downtown Sidewalks and Main Street also high priorities


Page 9, possibly include Crozet museum in new library


Page 13, Libraries, The Master Plan recommends that a new library facility be built within the heart of downtown, on Crozet Avenue. The County CIP currently has $5.4 million in funding starting in 2005. The Master Plan concurs with this timing, if possible, as a way to catalyze redevelopment of the downtown area.


Page 19, New Facility 22,567 sq.ft. by 2008


Page 32, Downtown is historically Crozet’s “district-wide” focal point for cultural and commercial activities. It is the largest place-type in Crozet (approx. equal in area to three neighborhoods). Its core, where the neighborhood centers coalesce, exhibits the greatest degree of mixing, density, and intensity of development.


Page 45,

The enlargement of the Crozet library is a central concern of many in the community. The Master Plan recommends that a new library facility be built within the heart of downtown, on Crozet Avenue.




Stream on property and 100’ Buffer required per Albemarle County Water Protection Ordinance

 No streams


Historic Resource

Historic Resources;

Page 14, Historic District recommended for Downtown


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