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Crozet Master Plan Initiative


1.       Create Library Action Group



  1. Explore setting up preservation committee
  2. Investigate possible ‘Crozet Museum’
  3. Identify/explore historic preservation programs
  4. ID properties/districts for designations


Gardens and Nurseries

1.       ID areas for community gardens/nurseries

2.       Explore establishing an Urban Forestry group

3.       Explore/ID appropriate tree preservation, reforestation, and streetscape programs


Community Diversity and Identity

  1. Work with schools to celebrate Crozet history
  2. ID opportunities for community festivals/fairs to celebrate history
  3. Develop marketing materials and publicize fairs, festival and local celebrations


Green Infrastructure-Greenways/Water

  1. Establish trails foundation
  2. Create adopt-a-trail program
  3. Explore & promote easement opportunities with landowners
  4. Assist in mapping greenways
  5. Explore/promote stream protection


Local Governance

  1. Partner with County in Master Plan implementation and updates/revisions
  2. Look at options for downtown business and revitalization efforts
  3. Investigate funding opportunities for local projects
  4. Publicize fairs, festivals and local celebrations


Business Development

  1. Promote local job creation
  2. Explore creation of merchant’s association
  3. ID strategies for business development and marketability of Crozet


  1. ID ways to encourage tourism
  2. ID attractions/accommodations for tourists



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