ZMA 2005-0007 Haden Place



Haden Place is a request to rezone 6.69 acres from R2 Residential to NMD Neighborhood Model District for 34 residential units (20 detached, 14 attached).



Cilimberg, Echols, Ragsdale








October 11, 2006


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Wendell W. Gibson of Gibson Homes is the owner/applicant with Kelly Strickland of Dominion Development Resources (formerly Rivanna Engineering & Surveying) as the consulting engineer.




On July 11, 2006, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on this rezoning request, along with a critical slopes waiver, private street request, and a waiver to street section requirements. Staff recommended approval of the rezoning and the Commission unanimously recommended approval with the following changes:


·          The affordable housing proffer modified to conform to the County’s Affordable Housing Policy in the Comprehensive Plan. 

·          The recommended technical changes made to the application plan, code of development and proffers noted by staff.

·          All cash proffers offered by the applicant devoted to transportation improvements in Crozet.

·          An interconnection provided and illustrated on the application plan from the proposed east/west connector road between Haden and Killdeer Lanes southward to Summerford Lane in Ballard Field.




The applicant submitted new proffers, Code of Development Plan, and General Development plan to address these July comments on September 6, 2006. In that submittal the applicant revised the proffers, Code of Development, and General Development plan to address all outstanding comments, including the provisions for affordable housing and cash proffers. The cash proffers have been revised to make all cash contributions devoted to transportation improvements. No other changes or increases in cash proffer amounts have been made since the July Planning Commission meeting.


Regarding affordable housing, the applicant revised the proffer to conform to the County’s adopted Affordable Housing Policy and is using language consistent with recently approved proffers. Six single-family detached units are proffered as affordable units, which is 17.6% of the total number of units proposed by the applicant.


Regarding density, during consideration of the Wickham Pond II rezoning last month the Board of Supervisors discussed the interpretation of density allowances for properties in the areas designated as CT3 in the Crozet Master Plan.  Pages 5 and 6 of the Planning Commission’s July 11, 2006 Haden Place staff report (included as part of this Board package) discuss interpretations of the language in the Master Plan. This is information that was also presented to the Board as part of the Wickham Pond II staff report.  Both Haden Place and Wickham Pond II have been under review during a similar timeframe and have relied on staff’s prior interpretation of the Master Plan language regarding the CT3 designation in their density proposals. The Planning Commission supported staff’s interpretation in its recommendations for approval of Wickham Pond II and Haden Place. The Board accepted staff’s interpretation in its Wickham Pond II approval last month. However, the Board also discussed an alternative interpretation during the Wickham Pond II rezoning that based increasing density in the CT3 from the mid-range maximum of 4.5 units/acre to 6.5 units/acre on the provision of 50% of the mid-range maximum units as affordable units. By comparison, the staff interpretation has been that 50% of the difference between 4.5 units/acre and 6.5 units/acre must be affordable units. These two interpretations result in the following number of affordable units being necessary to achieve greater density:


Interpretation discussed by the Board during the Wickham Pond II Rezoning September 13, 2006-


24 units (maximum allowed without affordable units at 4.5 DU/acre) x 50% = 12 units provided as affordable units necessary to get 6.5 DU/acre.


Staff’s interpretation that has been used in Crozet rezonings involving CT3 areas to date—


35 units (maximum units allowed with affordable units at 6.5 DU/acre)  – 24 units (maximum units allowed without affordable units at 4.5 DU/acre) = 11 units x 50% = 5.5 (6) affordable units necessary to get 6.5 DU/acre.


Again, Haden Place has proffered 6 units of the 34 proposed as affordable.


The basis of the Board’s discussion was that there is already a policy that15% of units should be affordable and that additional density may be justified only when more affordable units than the policy calls for are being provided.


The appropriate density for the CT3 sections in Haden Place and other Crozet developments based on the provision of affordable housing will be different depending on which interpretation is applied.  Application of staff’s interpretation means Haden Place falls within the density guidelines of the Master Plan. Application of the interpretation discussed by the Board last month means that it does not. Staff would appreciate the Board’s direction as to the interpretation to use for future rezonings in CT3 areas of Crozet.


Regarding cash proffers, the Board will need to determine whether the Haden Place proffers are sufficient to satisfy concerns related to infrastructure and the pace of growth in Crozet. Staff has provided an updated summary of recently approved proffers below which includes the Wickham Pond II and Westhall V rezonings approved last month as well as those proffered for Haden Place. An updated table is provided as Attachment D that summarizes existing and potential dwelling units in the Community of Crozet.



# of Units

Cash Proffer

ZMA 03-12 Stillfried Lane Townhouses


$3000/unit for capital improvements or affordable housing programs; no physical improvements or land for future public facilities.

ZMA 05-14 Poplar Glen (currently scheduled for a BOS hearing on July 5, 2006)


$3200/unit for capital improvements and $66,000 for affordable housing program in lieu of providing four affordable units; no physical improvements or land for future public facilities.

ZMA 04-24 Old Trail Village


$50,000 Cash proffer for park projects, Cash proffer for schools: $1000/sfd unit; $500/th unit; $250/apt.; Cash proffer for public faculties:  $1000/sfd unit; $500/th unit; $250/mf unit; and physical improvements including completion of Western Avenue and dedication of land for Western Park.

ZMA 05-05  Liberty Hall


$3,200 per unit cash proffer for public facilities; no physical improvements or land for future public facilities.

ZMA  02-04  Cascadia


Cash proffer for schools and other public facilities: $3,000 /sfd, $2500/th, $2000/mf unit.

ZMA 05-18 Wickham Pond II



Cash proffer for schools and other public facilities: $4500/market-rate unit

ZMA  06-01 Westhall V


Cash proffer for schools and other public facilities: $1000/market-rate unit for CIP; $3000/market-rate unit for Eastern Avenue; Spot improvements to Park Road (apprx $7500); $3000 for a pedestrian bridge; on-site greenway trails, parking area for trailhead, and off-site temporary easement for greenway

ZMA  05-07 Haden Place (PROPOSED)


Cash proffer for transportation projects in the CIP: $3200 sfd/ market-rate unit and $2700/sfa; off-site road improvements to Haden and Killdeer Lanes approx. $40,000.





If the Board finds the affordable housing proffer and density proposed for Haden Place acceptable, and is satisfied that the proffers adequately address the project’s impacts, staff and the Planning Commission have recommended approval of ZMA 2005-00007 with the current proffers (Attachment A), the amended Code of Development (Attachment B) and the amended General Development Plan (Attachment C).




A.      Haden Place Proffers, dated October 2, 2006

B.     Haden Place Code of Development, dated October 2, 2006, and prepared by Dominion Development Resources, LLC

C.     Haden Place General Development Plan, dated October 2, 2006, and prepared by Dominion Development Resources, LLC

D.     Existing and Potential Dwelling Units in the Community of Crozet

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