EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

AGENDA TITLE: SP 06-009: Birchwood Place


SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST: Request for “Drive-in windows serving or associated with permitted uses” in the C-1 zoning district, in accordance with Section 22.2.2 (10)



David Pennock, Jack Kelsey, Jan Sprinkle

AGENDA DATE: August 8, 2006










PROPERTY OWNER/APPLICANT:  Weather Hill Development, LLC – Frank Pohl


BACKGROUNDThis property is located in the Crozet Community on Three Notch'd Road (Rte. 240) approximately 0.17 miles east of its intersection with Crozet Avenue (Rte. 810) (Attachment B) and is zoned C-1, Commercial and EC, Entrance Corridor (Attachment A).  A preliminary site plan application is under review for construction of a three-story office building totaling 19,500 square feet and a one-story bank of 3,090 square feet on 1.16 acres of a 3.66 acre siteThe proposed bank includes four drive-through lanes.    Section 22.2.2 (10) allows “Drive-in windows serving or associated with permitted uses” in the C-1 zoning district “only by Special Use Permit approved by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Section 31.2.4”.


ANALYSIS: Staff is concerned with a number of issues that have not yet been resolved.  Chief among these issues is the circulation within the site.  Many revisions have attempted to address the concerns raised by the Chief Engineer, and the most recent submittals are based on additional discussion.  However, this issue is still pending resolution.

Another important issue that is outstanding is the appropriateness of this use in the Entrance Corridor.  The bank usage is allowable, and the placement of the drive-through lanes in the back is appropriate.  However, other features on the site have not been analyzed by the Architectural Review Board.  As such, it is impossible to adequately consider all of the principles of Neighborhood Model development.



Staff recommends denial of SP 06 – 009 (drive thru for a bank). 


However, if the Planning Commission is of the opinion that the outstanding issues are not material to the approval of this Special Permit and can be resolved through the site plan process, staff recommends the following conditions of approval: 

  1. Architectural Review Board issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to final site plan approval.
  2. Virginia Department of Transportation approval of entrance design and frontage improvements as well as any associated road plans and/or drainage plans. 
  3. Approval of site plan by County Engineer.



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