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Appropriation #2007008                                                                                                           $ 130,534.00

The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded the County $130,534.00 in additional funding for its community corrections grant.  The grant is managed by the Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) with the County serving as fiscal agent.  This additional money will be used to fund two additional positions, one at OAR and one at the Central Virginia Regional Jail.  There is no local match.



Appropriation #2007009                                                                                                             $700,000.00

At its meeting on July 13, 2006, the School Board approved the request to transfer $700,000.00 from the School Bus Replacement Fund Balance to fund bus purchases in FY 2007.



Appropriation #2007010                                                                                                              $373,113.27

The following public safety grants have not expended all funding as of June 30, 2006 and will require re-appropriation.  No additional local funding is required.




Appropriation #2007011                                                                                                              $283,991.52

Several departments had funding for projects approved in FY 2006 that had not been completed as of June 30, 2006.  This request reappropriates the remaining balances for the uncompleted projects for which purchase orders were outstanding as of June 30, 2006.



Appropriation #2007012                                                                                                              $193,800.00

Several departments had funds appropriated in their operating budget for the purchase of additional motor vehicles that were a result of approved FY 2007 initiatives.  To streamline and simplify the purchasing process, this appropriation will transfer these funds from the General Fund to the Motor Vehicle Replacement Fund.





Appropriation #2007013                                                                                                              $644,670.43

The following departments had FY 2006 funds for specific projects that were uncompleted at June 30, 2006 and will require reappropriation for use in FY 2007:


·         County Executive - $8,579.43 for strategic planning

·         Office of Management and Budget - $12,000.00 for financial forecasting model

·         Finance - $9,500.00 for fixed asset management software

·         Information Technology - $24,000.00 for data processing consulting

·         Magistrate - $5,150.00 for FY 2006 expenses that were not billed by June 30, 2006

·         Fire Rescue - $74,458.55 for the Fire Consolidation Study

·         Fire Rescue - $1,755.27 in donated funds for the Car Safety Seat Program

·         General Services - $450,000.00 for the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority contribution

·         Community Development/Planning  - $16,510.18 for Development Area Study

·         Community Development/Planning - $2,717.00 for the Southern Urban Area B

·         Community Development/Zoning – $20,000.00 for consulting services

·         CTS – Transit Study - $20,000.00


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