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Appropriation #2006093                                                                                                           $ 926,098.20

At its Board meeting on July 13, 2006, the School Board approved the following appropriation:


Meriwether Lewis received a donation in the amount of $8,774.47 from the Meriwether Lewis PTO.  This donation will be used to cover staffing for the 2005-06 school year.


Janelle Catlett, classroom teacher at Woodbrook Elementary and Shannon Grant recipient has received a grant donation in the amount of $200.00 from Luck Stone’s Architectural Stone Center in Ruckersville, Virginia.  These funds will be used as additional support for Mrs. Catlett’s Shannon Grant entitled “It’s a Rock Party.”


The Wal-Mart Foundation has awarded Albemarle County Public Schools with a grant in the amount of $375.00.  June Smith, Community Engagement Department, will coordinate exact use of the funds for community service opportunities or service learning projects.


Old Dominion University has awarded Greer Elementary School with an Effective School wide Discipline mini grant in the amount of $500.00.  These funds will be used to develop and implement a school wide discipline system that is based specifically on the individual school’s needs.  Emphasis will be placed on consistency, the entire school staff is expected to adopt strategies that will be uniformly implemented.


William Glasser, M.D., Inc. has awarded Murray High School with a grant in the amount of $800.00.  This grant award assisted in funding a trip for one teacher and two students to the International Youth At-Risk Conference, held March 2006 in Savannah, Georgia.  The group was asked to make a presentation on the ideas of Choice Theory and Quality Schools.


Albemarle County and Charlottesville City Public Schools have partnered with the University of Virginia to implement a Carnegie Foundation Incentive Grant, “Teachers for a New Era.”  The key goal of the “Teachers for a New Era” (TNE) program is to “perfect a model teacher education program that attracts some of our most promising young men and women and transforms them into superb teachers, capable of eliciting the highest possible achievement from their students over the course of their careers.”  To accomplish that goal, University staff currently is partnered with school division staff over a three year grant period to develop and implement a series of initiatives designed to recruit, train and retain teachers within the profession.  One component of the larger TNE grant initiative is the allocation of funds to partnering school divisions so they can develop best practice mentorship programs within schools.


The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB Act), Public Law 107-110, authorized the Title II, Part A as a federal grant program that combines the Eisenhower Professional Development, School Renovation, and Class Size Reduction Grants into a Teacher Quality grant program that focuses on preparing, training, and recruiting high-quality teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals.  Expenditures have exceeded appropriations for FY05/06 due to an increase in stipends paid for more teachers to participate in Curriculum Assessment Instruction (CAI), and paying .50 FTE for a Literacy Coordinating teacher.  There is a fund balance retained by the State in the amount of $116,367.23 from FY04/05 which may be re-appropriated for FY05/06.


The School Bus Replacement Fund has a fund balance of $1,365,894.  These funds were accumulated to meet the needs of bus replacement in years that have large numbers of buses needing replacement.  This action will appropriate $597,359 of fund balance from the School Bus Replacement Fund for FY 05/06 purchases.


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