Crozet Community Advisory Council

Resolution to Board of Supervisors

Regarding Adoption of Proffer Guidelines

Passed August 17, 2006


     WHEREAS, the Crozet Community is growing at a rapid rate;


      WHEREAS, the infrastructure costs associated therewith, for example

transportation and school construction have, and continue to increase;


      WHEREAS, the funding for the requisite improvements in transportation, (to cite one example), has declined; and

      WHEREAS, in light of the increased costs associated with such growth, the funding vehicles for which are often not identified or do not currently exist, be it, and it hereby is,

      RESOLVED, that the Crozet Community Advisory Council supports and endorses the Board of Supervisorsí prompt adoption of guidelines regarding proffers incident to all future rezonings in the Crozet area, and be it and it hereby is,

     FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Crozet Community Advisory Council requests that any funds generated thereby should be designated for use and promptly allocated to the Crozet Community to defray the costs associated with such rezonings.





Members of the Crozet Community Advisory Council Present:

Ed Adam, Tonya Brockett, Beverly Ergenbright, Gloria Johnson, Mike Marshall, Jo Ann Z. Perkins, Mary Rice, Jimmy Stork, Terry Tereskerz, Tim Tolson, Maria Warnock,  Barbara Westbrook


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