WHEREAS, the Crozet Master Plan describes downtown Crozet as the historical focal point for cultural and commercial activities in Crozet and the surrounding areas; and


            WHEREAS, one of the findings and recommendations of the Crozet Master Plan is to focus on the redevelopment and invigoration of the downtown area; and


            WHEREAS, the lands within downtown Crozet are currently within various zoning districts, and the regulations within those districts have been identified as imposing a number of impediments to the development and redevelopment of downtown Crozet in a manner consistent with the Crozet Master Plan; and


WHEREAS, two of the strategies recommended in the Crozet Master Plan to implement the Plan are to establish a zoning district specific to downtown Crozet having regulations specifically designed to be consistent with the Crozet Master Plan or to establish a zoning overlay district establishing regulations in addition to those imposed in the underlying zoning district; and


WHEREAS, the specific zoning regulations desired for downtown Crozet would include, but not be limited to, delineation of the uses allowed by right and by special use permit, including mixed-use developments and outdoor displays and activities, and establish regulations pertaining to maximum building height, building locations (including setbacks), parking, outdoor lighting and other issues deemed to be appropriate; and   


WHEREAS, it is desired to amend the Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance to establish a downtown Crozet zoning district or zoning overlay district as described herein.


 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT for purposes of public necessity, convenience, general welfare and good zoning practices, the Board of Supervisors hereby adopts a resolution of intent to amend the Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance to achieve the purposes described herein.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the zoning text amendment proposed by this resolution of intent, and make its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, at the earliest possible date.


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