Supporting Crozet Master Plan References and Excerpts


Page 3 – Under “Guiding Principles,”


·        “Crozet is built upon distinct neighborhoods, a historic downtown area, which are appropriate in scale and type to the community’s planned growth patterns”

·        .. “the community promotes pedestrian and bicycle options for alternative transportation choices”


Page 3 – Under “Major Findings and Recommendations,”


·        Downtown: The largest and most important center will be downtown

·        Development phasing: Development in the immediate future should focus on the redevelopment and invigoration of the downtown area

·        Development Review Process: New strategies for implementing the Master Plan (based on the Neighborhood Model) should be put in place to counter the option of doing strictly by-right development.

·        Local Businesses and Community Economic Development: County staff and officials should turn their attention to public/private collaboration with local businesses in order to support the development of Crozet as something more than simply a ‘bedroom community” to the City of Charlottesville with a particular emphasis on a program for jobs in Crozet.


Page 4 – Under “Three Geographic Sectors: Recommendations”, “Downtown”

Initial development in the downtown area should emphasize the creation of the first two blocks of Main Street, construction of the library on Crozet Avenue, and sidewalks in Downtown area (per the Anhold Study of 2001).”


Page 24 – Under “County Initiated Rezoning”

“The overlay zoning district should be created in the interim to ensure that development and redevelopment that occur on smaller properties conform with the overall master plan standards. In order to create the type of compact, interconnected community envisioned by the Neighborhood Model, development patterns must be uniform, and not hit-or-miss. Allowing by-right development to occur inconsistent with the master plan would jeopardize the success of those properties that do conform. The overlay zoning district would provide a transition period prior to the development of a Crozet zoning district.”


Page 11 – Historic Districts (Downtown, Yancey Mills)

“In order to preserve the historic fabric of the Downtown Crozet area, the Master Plan recommends that community residents, in collaboration with County staff, begin the process of registering the Downtown and Yancey Mills with the National Register for Historic Places.”


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