SP 2006-007 Thomas Jefferson Parkway Parking



A special use permit is requested to allow parking to serve the Monticello-Saunders trail and Kemper Park.




Cilimberg, Echols, Ragsdale








July 5, 2006


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APPLICANT/OWNERS:  Thomas Jefferson Foundation with Rieley & Associates consulting is the applicant and the property is owned by the University of Virginia Foundation.




This special use permit went before the Planning Commission on June 13, 2006 for a public hearing. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the request with the conditions of approval as recommended by staff.  The Planning Commission also requested that the following additional information be provided prior to the Board of Supervisors public hearing:


The applicant has submitted a letter (Attachment A) that outlines their approach to advising trail users of where to park when using the trail and park. This would include press releases, announcements and maps in the Parkway newsletter, signage at both the existing and proposed trail parking lots, and information on Monticello’s website. Staff feels that this is a comprehensive approach that should work well to advise visitors and that signage requirements would be an appropriate condition of approval for the special use permit. A full-color illustrative version of the concept plan has also been provided the clearly shows the limits of the proposed parking and wooded areas. (Attachment B)




Staff recommends approval of SP 2006-007 with the conditions listed below. These conditions are the same conditions recommended by the Planning Commission with the exception of an additional condition #8. Staff has recommended that condition #8 be added to respond to the Commission’s concerns for better directional signage.


1.       The site shall be developed in general accord with the plan entitled “Concept Plan-Thomas Jefferson Parkway Parking” including the “Existing Conditions & Demolition Plan”, prepared by Rieley & Associates, revised April 2006.

2.       The parking area shall be limited to 50 spaces.

3.       The parking area shall not be expanded without prior approval of a new special use permit.

4.       No lighting shall be permitted in the parking area.

5.       The parking area shall be closed and access restricted while the park is closed by Thomas Jefferson Parkway staff. The parking area shall be opened at dawn and closed at dusk.

6.       The applicants shall secure VDOT approval of the entrance from Route 20, prior to the issuance of a zoning compliance clearance for use of the site.

7.       Approval by the Architectural Review Board of final plans is required and supplemental plantings may be required to screen the parking lot from Route 20 and Route 53.

8.       Directional signage shall be provided (to identify the new parking lot), at both the existing trailhead parking lot and the proposed parking lot, prior to the issuance of a zoning compliance clearance for the new parking lot.





A.      Letter dated June 20, 2006, submitted by Roxanne S. Brouse with Rieley & Associates

B.      Illustrative Concept Plan, “Blue Ridge Parking, Thomas Jefferson Parkway” prepared by Rieley & Associates and dated April 2006

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