ZMA 2005-00014 Poplar Glen Phase 2

with a waiver for critical slopes



Poplar Glen Phase 2 is a request to rezone 3.636 acres from R-1 to Planned Residential District.


Revised 6/22/06







June 6, 2006 Public Hearing



 July 5, 2006



APPLICANT/OWNERS: Weather Hill Development, with Terra Concepts, P.C. as the consulting engineer, is the applicant; Weather Hill Development is also the property owner.



The area to be rezoned is located in the Jack Jouett Magisterial District on the south side of Ivy Road (Route 250), approximately mile from the intersection of the 29/250 Bypass and Route 250 West. (See Attachments A and B) The applicant is requesting to rezone 3.636 acres from R-1 Residential to PRD Planned Residential Development Zoning District to allow for approximately 28 townhouse units. Proffers consist of cash contributions in the amount of $89,600 (28 units x $3,200/unit) to the County for funding Capital Improvements and $66,000 (4 units x $16,500/unit) cash for the affordable housing programs in lieu of providing four (4) affordable units; recordation of legal documents such as supplemental declaration of covenants, conditions, restrictions, etc; and drainage resolution.



A work session was held with the Planning Commission on April 25, 2006 to provide direction and guidance on five topics of discussion, which included residential density, design and layout, interconnections, drainage and affordable housing.




Three of the five topics for discussion during the work session were in need of resolution. These items were:

                        ● Resolution of drainage issues.

                        ● Provision of a pedestrian path in a different location.

                        ● Increase in contribution towards affordable housing.


Regarding drainage, the applicant and adjacent property owner have worked on an agreement to help resolve runoff issues. Although the adjacent owner has not signed the agreement, the applicant has proffered to detain some stormwater from the adjacent University Heights property. The applicant is expected to show a revised location for the pedestrian path. The revised proffers reflect the increase in cash contributions for affordable housing programs that was satisfactory to the Commission.


The following factors are favorable to the rezoning request:

1.                                          The rezoning is primarily in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan.

2.                                          Residential uses are supported by a pedestrian network, public services (schools, fire, and rescue services) and close proximity to shopping and employment.

3.                                          The applicant is contributing to the affordable housing program.

4.                                          The applicant is providing some potential interconnection opportunities.

5.                                          The applicant is detaining some stormwater from the adjacent property which is located southeast of the subject property and up the hill, in order to help resolve drainage problems on the adjacent property located north of this site.


The following factors are unfavorable to this request:

1.         Due to the difficult topography, the proposed development underutilizes the development potential of this site.

2.         Some areas of critical slope will be impacted.



Staff recommends approval of the rezoning and proffers with the following expectations:

1.                              The final application plan will reflect a pedestrian path in the location discussed during the Planning Commission worksession.

2.                              Approval of the proffers as to form by the County Attorney.


 Staff also recommends approval of the critical slopes waiver.   


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