RESOLUTION TO REAFFIRM the board of supervisor’s position

relating to the density envisioned by the crozet mater plan


WHEREAS, Albemarle County’s long established growth management policy designates specific rural areas that are to be preserved and protected and designated development areas that are intended to accommodate growth as the County’s population increases in the future; and


WHEREAS, since 1971, Crozet has been a designated development area and has received significant public infrastructure investment over the years to accommodate anticipated growth and density; and


WHEREAS, Crozet, at the request of its citizens, became the first County development area to be master planned to insure that the future form of development would create an attractive, vibrant, livable community with a quality urban environment; and


            WHEREAS, the 1996 Land Use plan that was in effect prior to the adoption of the Crozet Master Plan established a growth possibility significantly in excess of Crozet’s by-right population possibility, stated in the Plan in Table II: Albemarle County Development Areas – Total Developable Acres to be in the range of an added population for Crozet of between 7,114 and 17,300; and


            WHEREAS, the Crozet Master Plan was not intended by the County to either cap population at the by-right level or to significantly decrease growth possibilities in existence at the time of the Master Plan, either possibility which would have been in direct conflict with Crozet’s well-established designation as a development area; and 


            WHEREAS, assumptions in the Crozet Master Plan, including population projections of 11,200 – 12,000 in a 20 year build-out as stated under Basic Assumptions on Page 4 of the Plan, are based on a 20-year planning horizon; and


            WHEREAS, the ultimate build-out of Crozet, which would extend well beyond the 20 year planning horizon of the Master Plan, has a potential population maximum in excess of 12,000 and allows Crozet to function as a development area accommodating growth beyond the year 2024; and


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors will actively monitor actual growth and development activity in Crozet as it relates to the Master Plan and will conduct a five year review of the Master Plan in 2009, allowing it to make whatever adjustments are required to reflect actual conditions.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors hereby reaffirms that (1) the Crozet Master Plan, adopted in December 2004, has a 20-year planning horizon and potential population of 12,000, (2) the population beyond the Plan’s 20 year planning horizon may well exceed 12,000 to allow Crozet to fulfill its designation as a development area, and (3) the 12,000 population figure does not represent either a population cap or an ultimate population figure for the Crozet development area.


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