Duties/Functions:                                     The Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee provides ongoing community oversight to the implementation and use of the County’s fiscal impact model.  The responsibilities of the Committee shall include, but not be limited to:


*           Ensuring the assumptions behind the fiscal impact model are open to scrutiny and discussion from a cross-section of community interests;


*           Ensuring the credibility of the model to the community by providing oversight and management as the model begins to be used in various growth scenarios and development projects;


*           Reviewing any proposed data changes or updates to the model for validity and accuracy;

*           Performing an in-depth analysis of other three fiscal impact models, i.e., the marginal cost project model, the average cost trend model and the marginal cost trend model and certifying their accuracy prior to their use in any projections submitted to the Board or the public;


*           Working with the Fiscal Impact Planner on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing validity and accuracy of the model.


Length of Term:                                         Members shall be appointed for terms of two years and eligible to serve two consecutive terms.  Initial appointments may be staggered for continuity.


Frequency/Times for Meet­ings:           Quarterly – 2nd Wednesday of October, January, April and July.


Membership:                                              The Committee is to be appointed by the governing body.




cc of appointment letter to:                     Roxanne White

                                                                        County Attorney

Commonwealth’s Attorney


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