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Appropriation #2006071                                                                                                               $  7,700.00

At its Board meeting on April 20, 2006, the School Board approved the following appropriation:


B. F. Yancey Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $500.00 from Fluvanna Floor Service.  It has been requested that this donation be used to go towards funding a trip to New York.


Broadus Wood Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $7,200.00 from the Broadus Wood PTO.  It has been requested that this donation be used to purchase 3 ELMO document cameras with LCD projectors.



Appropriation #2006072                                                                                                              $ 31,500.00

The Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP) has requested $31,500.00 in available CDBG program income to help fund the rehabilitation of three houses.  The total of the three jobs is approximately $205,000.00 with the largest portion coming from the state’s Rural Rehabilitation Program.  The three projects are all CDBG-eligible and the funding provided from program income will be in the form of a deferred loan.



Appropriation #2006074                                                                                                              $ 47,510.00

The Visitor’s Center Building is jointly owned with the City of Charlottesville.  The Thomas Jefferson Visitor’s Bureau currently leases the building and the rental income, which was formerly used to pay the building’s debt service, is now available for building maintenance and improvements.  The County has solicited bids to make improvements to the Visitor’s Center Building’s attic ventilation with the low bid received being $47,510.00.  It is requested that this amount be transferred from the contingency line item in the Visitor’s Center Building Fund to be expended for this improvement.



Appropriation #2006075                                                                                                              $ 75,319.95

The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services has awarded the Department of Fire/Rescue a grant with a maximum award of $138,340.00.  Fire/Rescue has until December 31, 2006 to complete the expenditures.  This project will provide for advanced medical monitoring equipment upgrades at a cost of $75,319.95.  This upgrade includes compatible receiving equipment to be utilized by our medical control physicians at UVA Hospital and is essential to our completion of a successful EMS cardiac care program.  Funding for this equipment is currently provided in Station 12’s ambulance cost within the Capital Improvements Fund.  The $37,659.98 local match will be funded using these funds.



Appropriation #2006076                                                                                                               $ 8,100.00

At its meeting on May 25, 2006, the School Board approved the following appropriation:


Brownsville Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $8,100.00 from the Brownsville PTO.  They have requested that this money be used to purchase classroom supplies at Brownsville Elementary School.



Appropriation #2006077                                                                                                              $ 12,386.00

The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) reimburses localities for compensation expenses incurred by correctional officers supervising aliens in local and regional jail facilities.  Reimbursement is given to localities even though the expenses are incurred by the correctional facility.  This was the first year of the program and the actual reimbursements were delayed.


The County of Albemarle received $12,386.00 for FY05.  The City of Charlottesville received $4,480.00 for the same period.  Both localities are sending their respective reimbursements to the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail to reimburse it for its expenses.



Appropriation #2006078                                                                                                              $ 50,068.00

Albemarle County has received grant funds form the Homeland Security Grant Program in the amount of $50,068.00.  These funds will assist in the preparation of response to incidents involving mass destruction weapons and will be split 50/50 between Fire/Rescue and the Police Department.  These funds can be used for equipment related to domestic preparedness.  There is no local match.

Appropriation #2006079                                                                                                           $  455,486.00

At the May 3, 2006 Board meeting information was provided regarding Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department’s request for funds to address their building renovations and repairs.  The proposal consisted of the following projects: 

                        Roof replacement                                   $  20,509

                        Parking lot paving                                   $199,227

                        Remodel of bunkrooms                           $  75,000

                        Toilet and laundry facilities                      $  13,500

                        Expand/remodel kitchen                         $  26,250

                        HVAC replacement/upgrades                  $  20,000

                        Renovation of meeting/training room         $  26,000

                        Storage Building                                    $  75,000


                        Total                                                     $455,486


Staff recommended that funding be provided for these renovations and repairs in the form of a $239,736 grant  and $215,750 no-interest loan to Stony Point to be repaid over a twelve year period.  General Services will work with Stony Point to procure and manage the projects.  Funding for both the grant and loan are provided from the Capital Improvements Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2006080                                                                                                              $  4,734.25

At their meeting on May 16, 2006, the ECC Management Board approved the transfer of $4,734.25 from the ECC Fund Balance to provide funding to move and reinstall EMS backup radio equipment from the Brown’s Mountain site to the site at Carters Mountain.  This move has become necessary due to the new owners of Brown’s Mountain requesting that all users of the tower vacate the site.  This funding will be used to relocate the equipment and purchase a new antenna.


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