Volunteer Fire Rescue

Building Maintenance Funding Policy


1.      Purpose


The purpose of this policy is to assist volunteer fire and rescue stations that do not have the financial means to fund building repairs and minor building renovations.


2.      Volunteer Station financial assessment


The intent of the policy is to provide financial assistance to volunteer stations that do not have the financial means to fund building repairs and minor building renovation projects. Therefore, a volunteer station requesting assistance will need to show that the station is unable to independently fund the project. Determining financial hardship requires that the station disclose the departmentís financial statements (balance sheet and income statement Ė see example at end of document) to help demonstrate the stationís financial need.


3.      Qualified projects


Building repairs and minor building renovation projects that help maintain the current facility shall be qualified for consideration. Projects beyond this scope will be addressed on a case by case basis through the normal CIP process.


4.      Five year building assessment to determine future expenditures


4.1.  Stations requesting financial assistance must conduct a five year assessment of their building to determine the long term maintenance needs. The five year assessment should include a projected and prioritized list of building repairs/renovations, a cost estimate per repair/renovation, and a narrative outlining the justification for each repair/renovation.



4.2.  County staff will work with volunteer staff to assess the projects to help determine needs, eligibility and timing.


5.      Funding Assistance


5.1.  Financial assistance shall be provided through a no-interest loan with a five to ten year payback period. In cases of extreme financial hardship, a grant may be considered.


5.2.  A volunteer station receiving a no-interest loan will work with County staff to develop a financial plan to ensure that the loan will be paid in full over time. The plan will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) before financial assistance is provided.


6.      Other requirements


6.1.  Volunteer stations that qualify according to this policy shall submit a request to the Department of Fire Rescue by August 1 in preparation for the next fiscal year budget process.

6.2.  Approved projects will be procured and completed according to current County policies and procedures.




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