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Appropriation #2006064                                                                                                                $ 7,000.00

In an agreement with the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC), the Albemarle County Police Department will be receiving $7,000 to assist with overtime associated with the 2006 Foxfield spring race.



Appropriation #2006065                                                                                                              $ 41,454.94

The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services has awarded the Department of Fire/Rescue a grant with a maximum award of $138,340.00.   Fire/Rescue has until December 31, 2006 to complete the expenditures relating to this award.  At this time, Fire/Rescue has requested an appropriation of $41,454.94 to purchase and install two LifePaks.  LifePaks are cardiac monitors that monitor heart rhythm and heart rate.  The new devices also have diagnostic capabilities to detect if a person is actually having a heart attack, what their oxygen level is, and how their breathing is being affected.  There is a 50% local match of the original cost of the LifePaks which will be funded with a transfer from the Fire/Rescue Departmentís operations budget.



Appropriation #2006066                                                                                                              $ 20,000.00

In June 2005, a $20,000.00 donation was received in the Capital Improvements Fund for the Western Albemarle Baseball Locker Room.  There funds were never appropriated.  The School Division has requested that these funds now be appropriated from the CIP Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2006067                                                                                                                 $ 1,500.00

At its meeting on March 23rd, the School Board approved the following appropriation:


Cale Elementary School received two donations totaling $1,500.00.  TIFF Advisory Services donated $1,000.00 and Jeffrey and Christine Riley donated $500.00.  It has been requested that these donations be used to support the technology program at Cale Elementary School.



Appropriation #2006068                                                                                                         $ 1,995,232.00

Construction bids for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court were higher than anticipated and will require $1,995,232.00 in additional funding.  These funds will be appropriated from the Capital Improvements Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2006069                                                                                                              $ 30,550.00

There will be a Democratic Primary for the United States Senate on June 13, 2006.  The Department of Voter Registration and Elections anticipates $30,550.00 in expenses relating to this primary.  We anticipate no offsetting revenue from the State for these expenses and request funding be provided from the General Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2006070                                                                                                              $ 20,000.00

The Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company incurred $20,000.00 in emergency vehicle repair expenses last fiscal year that were intended to come from remaining balances at the end of FY 2004-05, but were instead taken from the current fiscal yearís operational contribution.  These replacement funds will be appropriated from the General Fund Balance.


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