AGENDA TITLE: American Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Polo, SP 2006-03



SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST:  The applicant proposes to hold an annual not-for-profit polo event to benefit the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Research. 


STAFF: Amy Ransom Arnold









APPLICANT / OWNER: Ellen and David King; King Family Vineyards


PROPOSAL: The applicant proposes to hold an annual not-for-profit polo event to benefit American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research. 


BACKGROUND:  The event was held for the first time on June 12, 2005 with administrative approval from the County Zoning Department. The applicant estimates the attendance at that event totaled 764 people in 345 cars.  The applicant is projecting this year’s attendance at 1,120 people with 450 cars to accommodate on site.          


Sections 31.2.4 and of the Zoning Ordinance allow for temporary events sponsored by local nonprofit organizations which are related to and supportive of the Rural Areas district with additional stipulations outlined in Supplemental Regulations, Section 5.1.27.  The property directly impacted, which is described as TM 55, Parcels 80 and 81, is zoned Rural Areas giving priority to agricultural, forestal, and fishery uses with a residential density restricted to .5 per unit / acre.  The Comprehensive Plan identifies the land use as Rural Areas, which focuses on the preservation and protection of agricultural, forestal, open space, as well as natural, historic and scenic resources.  The property is located at the King Family Vineyards 6640 Roseland Farm, one mile north of Yancey Mills off of Half Mile Branch (Route 684) in the Whitehall Magisterial District.



Staff has identified the following factors favorable to this application:

1.       The primary use of the property remains a farm winery that has been placed under permanent conservation easement.

2.       The proposed event is a model of integrating the purpose of the rural areas ordinance within an event that directly benefits the community as a whole.

3.       An equestrian event held on a farm winery directly supports local agricultural activities.

Staff has identified the following factors unfavorable to this application:

1. With a projected attendance of over 1,000 people for the event, traffic volumes for a short period of time may be heavy in the surrounding areas.


RECOMMENDATION: Staff has reviewed this request for compliance with the provisions of Sections 31.2.4 and of the Zoning Ordinance and recommends approval, based on consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, subject to conditions of approval.


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