ZMA 05-02 County Fire Station at Airport Road



Request to rezone approximately 1.16 acres which is a portion of Tax Map 32 Parcel 18 from RA to PDIP and to amend the proffers and application plan for the University of Virginia Foundation (North Fork) Research Park for a portion of Tax Map 32 Parcel 6a which is zoned PDIP.



Cilimberg, Echols






February 8, 2006


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On December 20, 2005 and on January 17, 2006, the Planning Commission held public hearings on this rezoning. Exhibits A and B contain the staff reports for the public hearings (without proffers and plans).  Between the second staff report and the Commission meeting, the applicant made several changes to the proffers, which had been recommended in the staff report.  These modified proffers were presented to the Commission at the meeting.  During the meeting, the applicant verbally agreed to make two additional wording changes related to minimum driveway separations and the timing for extension of sewer to the fire station. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezoning with the proffers presented at the meeting and the changes agreed to by the applicant.  Exhibit C contains the proffers which were advertised for the rezoning.




Since the advertisement appeared in the newspaper, the applicant has made additional changes to the proffers. (See Exhibit D.) All but one of these changes are very minor wording revisions for clarification which are acceptable to both the County Attorney’s office and reviewing staff.  They include a change to a note on the application plan to correspond with a proffer, a change to the date of the application plan, and the location of commas. 


The other revision has to do with Proffer 8.6 which previously contained a commitment to build a public street between Tax Map 32-6a (the existing zoned PDIP) and Tax Map 32-18 (for the proposed PDIP).  This street was intended to allow for the fire station driveway to connect to a public street leading to Lewis and Clark, when a median is installed on Lewis and Clark Blvd.  Staff requested that the street be public because of the desire for a public street connection between Lewis and Clark to the east and Hollymead Town Center (across Airport Road) to the west and south.  The connection was initially agreed to by the Foundation’s representatives.  After consideration, though, the Foundation has asked that the question of the street’s status as “public” or “private” be considered as part of the larger rezoning for the remainder of Tax Map 32-18 – ZMA 05-03.  If approved, ZMA 05-03 would add approximately 28 acres to the research park and 500,000 square feet of additional office/research space. This rezoning is currently under review by the Planning Commission.



While staff would prefer that a commitment for a public street to connect Tax Map 32-6a to Tax Map 32-18 be made at this time, deferring the decision on the status of the street is not viewed as problematic.  The UVA Foundation currently has a second rezoning under review by the County (ZMA 05-03).  Interconnections are an issue that will be discussed as part of ZMA 05-03.  Decisions on whether any connection to the west of Tax Map 32-18 is necessary as well as whether the connection should be public or private can be made in conjunction with that rezoning. 


If Lewis and Clark were to be built with four lanes prior to action on ZMA 05-03 and the Foundation desired the street to be built as a private street, they would make their request to the Planning Commission.  The Commission could consider the facts at that time and render a decision.


Staff recommends approval of ZMA 05-02 with proffers and the amended application plan which are included as Exhibit D of this packet.



EXHIBIT A:        Executive summary and Staff Report dated December 20, 2005

EXHIBIT B:        Executive summary and Staff Report dated January 17, 2006

EXHIBIT C:        Advertised proffers dated January 19, 2006

EXHIBIT D:        Signed proffers dated January 31, 2006

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