Roles and responsibilities of County and State agencies


Albemarle County Community Development, Zoning Division



Louise Wyatt

(434) 296-5832



·         Enforces zoning and solid waste ordinances

·         Goal is voluntary compliance to abate all violations and return property to original condition

·         Can pursue civil/criminal charges (most zoning violations civilly enforced)

·         Has no authority to do soil/water testing and no expertise in environmental/hazmat/health issues

·         Coordinates responses to citizens on behalf of  County and serves as liaison to involved state agencies

·         Provides ongoing monitoring for compliance with County ordinances


Albemarle County Fire Marshal’s Office



Howard Lagomarsino

(434) 296-5833


·         Investigates and responds to incidents involving fires, fire bombings, bombings or releases/spills of hazardous materials

·         Testing is limited to gathering evidence to support the investigation/violation

·         Works with other federal, state and local agencies to enforce the Fire Prevention code and accomplish the investigation process

·         Goal is to obtain compliance either through voluntary means or through a civil/criminal process


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)



Jed Pascarella

(540) 574-7838


·        Addresses the presence and nature of solid and hazardous wastes, evaluates environmental and health concerns with regards to these wastes, recommends waste, soil, water, and air testing to address environmental or health concerns, and oversees site remediation and cleanup

·         Lead environmental agency to address ongoing presence of hazmat, determine whether there are environmental/hazmat concerns and if any soil/water or other testing is required (for health and safety reasons), and oversee site remediation

·         Provides ongoing monitoring to determine compliance with state waste management statutes including completeness of waste removal, and review of waste, soil, water, and air analytical results


Thomas Jefferson Regional Health District (entity of Virginia Department of Health)



Roy Crewz

(434) 972-4305

·         Lead agency to identify and address any potential health risks related to identified hazmat  located on the property




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