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General Information: 

LURC is the acronym for Land Use Regulation Committee.  The group consisted of representatives of the development community, citizen groups and the Planning Commission.  They met 2x/month for 7 months in 1985.



·        There were problems in development review processes, but the County was not out of line in terms of the time required to obtain development approvals. 

·        The improvements needed were to better orchestrate the process to be clear and consistent.



1.       Modify the site plan process to allow the preliminary plan to be less technical and the final plan to be the “construction plan”; allow rejection of incomplete applications; make legal ads and notices clear regarding the nature and limits of discretion the PC has on a specific plan; and, reduce the time the PC devoted to site plans by using consent lists and other management practices.

2.      Develop a central information office with goal of answering questions and providing information; intake and track applications; troubleshoot and investigate complaints about the review process; and initiate proposals for improvement.

3.      Develop “user friendly” brochures on all development processes.

4.      Develop an improved visitor contact facility and directory at the visitor’s entrance.

5.      Prepare a key word index for our development ordinances.

6.      Develop application checklists.

7.      Compile a policy notebook of County positions.

8.      Develop a design manual with minimum specifications, standards or criteria.

9.      Create a sketch plan option to “pretest” applicants’ ideas.

10.   Conduct a work load/staff resource study in all Development Departments.

11.    Provide skill building, time and stress management, communications, and strategic planning training for staff and officials.

12.   Establish submittal requirements for special use permits and planned developments that would eliminate PC review at site plan stage.



Board accepted the recommendations and they were implemented by the County.  The combination of the three development review departments into Community Development in 2004 was an outcome of the County’s Development Information Office recommendations for further improvement of the development review processes.  This is sometimes referred to as a LURC outcome as it was an outcome of Recommendation #2.     


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