Board of Supervisors Special Meeting of August 10, 2005

4:00 P.M., Meeting Room 235







Call to Order.

·         Meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. by the Chairman, Mr. Rooker.  All BOS members were present.  Also present were Bob Tucker, Larry Davis, Mark Graham and Debi Moyers.



Work Session:  Community Development Process Improvement.

·         HELD.  Mr. Graham discussed five strategies to consider and provided an update on CityView.

·         CONSENSUS of the Board to defer staff’s recommendation to reduce Planning Commission’s role in ministerial reviews until staff consults with the Planning Commission and reports back to the Board. 

·         CONSENSUS of the Board to defer staff’s recommendation regarding limit use of deferrals (although the Board did indicate its preference for this) in legislative reviews until staff consults with Blue Ridge Home Builders and Planning Commission to see if time frame is reasonable and then report back to Board.

·         CONSENSUS of the Board to defer staff’s recommendation regarding implementation of a proffer policy until the Board investigates and decides whether to take further action.

·         CONSENSUS of the Board to take Ms. Thomas suggestion under “Define expectations”, to summarize staff recommendation to, “Staff would like clearer guidance from the Board of Supervisors before staff sets off on any of these processes”.  This would make it the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors to make sure staff is clear as to what the Board wants before they start the process. Mr. Tucker stated an action rather than one or two Board members mentioning it would be clearer for staff.  Mr. Graham stated his staff has an obligation to raise the concerns/issues with the Board so that the Board understands the issues. 

·         CONSENSUS of the Board to approve staff’s recommendation regarding public involvement process. 

Mark Graham: Proceed as directed.


Closed Session.

·         At 5:20 p.m., the Board went into closed session to consider the acquisition of property for public use as a permanent buffer area. (Note: Mr. Rooker excused himself from participation in this matter as a client of his filed the application).



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