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SP2005-10 Bart Neumann Boat Dock




The request is to install a private boat dock in the floodplain on the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.



Tamara Jo Ambler




December 6, 2005



January 4, 2006




The South Fork Rivanna Reservoir is owned by the City of Charlottesville.  The Reservoir is managed by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority which includes the daily management of the type of uses and structures that are allowed on the reservoir.  The proposed boat dock is intended to provide access for an adjacent property owner, Mr. Bart Neumann.



To install a private dock for boating, fishing, and bird watching on the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir (TMP 45-67A) to serve the adjacent Bart Neumann property (TMP 45-185).  This is a special use request for a boat dock within the floodway in accordance with Section     



This is the first boat dock request in several years, and an updated coordination process needed to be developed between Albemarle County, the City of Charlottesville, and Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority to address this issue.  Because the dock would be placed on City of Charlottesville property (the Reservoir), the City needed to be a co-applicant for the special use permit.  In addition, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, as manager of the Reservoir, requires a separate permit for the design and construction of the boat dock.  The coordination of this process took several months, and Mr. Neumann coordinated very closely with the County during this time.  Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority has reviewed the application and approved the construction permit for the dock, and the City of Charlottesville has supported the application by adding their signature to the special use permit application. 




There are currently a number of boat docks already in place on the Reservoir.  The addition of the proposed dock would not appear create adverse impacts nor detract from the primary use of the Reservoir, which is a public water supply reservoir.  Staff does recognize, however, that a proliferation of residential boat docks could potentially detract from that primary use.




Staff is recommending approval of the request with conditions associated with lighting and restricting impacts to the required 200 ft. vegetative stream buffer.


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