TO:                  Members of the Board of Supervisors


FROM:            Debi Moyers, Senior Deputy Clerk                                    


DATE:                        December 1, 2005


RE:                  Vacancies on Boards and Commissions



Attached please find an updated listing of vacancies on boards and commissions through May 31, 2006 provided for informational purposes only.  


The following applications were received for the committees listed below.  Need to appoint or schedule interviews.


Community Mobility Committee (One vacancy to replace Victor Stone):


Two applications received:


Betty Black

Robert Wilcox


Housing Committee (One vacancy in legal community to replace Nathaniel Perkins):


One application received:


Lisa Franko


Public Recreational Facilities (One vacancy to replace John Davidson):

No applications received.  Advertised on the web (October 28th November 30th) and twice in the      Daily Progress (October 30th and November 6th).


RSWA Citizens Advisory Committee (Two vacancies to replace Norma Diehl and Paul             Howard, Jr.):


Two applications received:


Kevin Fletcher

Stephen Kirkup


Social Services Board (One vacancy in the Rivanna District to replace Marsal Stoll):


One application received:


Sherryl Behrens









The following appointment/reappointments require action by the Board:


ACE Appraisal Review Committee:


Joseph Samuels, Jr. and Ross Stevens both wish to be reappointed.


Equalization Board:


Alan Collier (Rivanna)

David Cooke, II (Jack Jouett)

Dabney B. Sandridge (White Hall) Reappoint or advertise?

A. Scott Ward (Scottsville)

Alice Nye Fitch (Samuel Miller)


Housing Committee Recommendations by other representative agencies:


Helen Flamini/PHA (See Ron White email dated November 2, 2005)

David Paulson/AHIP

Ida Lee Wooten/UVA


Industrial Development Authority (Rivanna District):


Dr. Ellora Young wishes to be reappointed.


Joint Airport Commission:


Frank L. Robinson, III wishes to be reappointed.


Planning Commission:


William Edgerton (Jack Jouett)


Social Services Board:


Elizabeth D. McIvor (Jack Jouett)


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