Transportation Strategy

Existing and Proposed Engineer Responsibilities






Existing Transportation Planner

Existing General Services Engineers

Existing Community Development Engineers

New General Services Transportation Engineer


Regional Transportation Planning (MPO, Traffic Modeling, VDOT Primary Roads, Transit CTS and JAUNT)


Construction Project Management (Schools, Fire Stations, Libraries, building maintenance)  Currently, 33 projects at cost of over $23 Million

Master Plans  (Places 29, Traffic Studies)

Scopes possible County projects (County response to requests and complaints, traffic analysis, preliminary evaluations, CIP evaluations ) 




County Transportation Planning (SYIP, Master Plans, Traffic Studies)

Stormwater Projects (Key West Dam, Storm Sewer Permit, Regional Facilities)

Special Transportation Planning (Eastern Connector Study, Jones & Jones)

Manages design of projects (contracts and directs consultants, preliminary engineering, right of way issues, conducts public meetings, permitting issues)


Neighborhood Transportation  Planning  (Traffic Calming, Signs, etc)

Street Improvements (sidewalks, streetscapes, entrance corridor improvements) 

Plan Review and Construction (ZMAs, Subdivisions/ Site Plans, Bonding and Inspections  )  Workload up 15% in last year

Construction Project Management  (manages contractors, coordinates with VDOT on construction and payment issues ) 



Other Considerations

Master Plans and VDOT changes have increased workload

Based on CIP, current and ongoing projects workload anticipated to remain high

Master Plans and special projects have increased workload. Staff is currently overworked, resulting in high turnover.  

Liaison with VDOT on expediting and stopping slippage on SYIP (Jarmans Gap, Meadowcreek Parkway) 


Fully utilized, no engineering background

Fully utilized, no transportation background

Overloaded, limited VDOT experience

Additional resource directed at this new program, provides specialized skills



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