STAFF PERSON:                                                                              Rebecca Ragsdale

PLANNING COMMISSION:                                                              November 15, 2005

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS                                                             December 7, 2005


ZMA 2005-00012 Sandridge


Property Owners:     M. W. Sandridge, Jr. and Ella S. Bailey




Request to rezone .68 acres from the R-2 (Residential) Zoning District to the R-4 (Residential) Zoning District to allow creation of an additional lot and construction of a single-family dwelling. The R-4 Zoning District allows 4 dwelling units per acre. The property, with a street address of 5709 Wayland Drive, is described as Tax Map 56A1, Section 2, Block A, Parcel 3 and is located between Wayland Drive (Route 1216)  and St. George Avenue (Route 1202), approximately 200 feet east of Crozet Avenue (Route 810)  in the White Hall Magisterial district. The property is located in the Community of Crozet as designated in the Comprehensive Plan. The Crozet Master Plan designates the property as Urban General (CT 4), which is intended to support the center of downtown with a variety of residential types and a mixture of residential and commercial uses. Maximum allowed residential density is 4.5 dwelling units per acre for single family detached, single family attached, and duplexes; up to 12 dwelling units per acre for townhouses and apartments; and up to 18 dwelling units per acre in a mixed use setting.  There is a concurrent subdivision application (SUB200500274) for this property.


Character of the Area: 


The area is north of downtown Crozet, just east of Crozet Avenue in the Wayland Park subdivision and is characterized primarily by residential uses. The property is situated between St. George Avenue and Wayland Drive, among single family homes zoned R-2.  


Specifics of the Proposal


This rezoning request to the R-4 Zoning District is to allow a subdivision and one additional dwelling.  (Attachment B) The rezoning involves a property .68 acres or 29,858 square feet in size. The applicant would like to create a 10,900 square foot (minimum lot size for the R4 Zoning District is 10, 890 square feet) lot to build one single family dwelling. The existing residence currently on the property would remain and faces Wayland Drive. The proposed residence would face St. George Avenue and required setbacks for the new lot are 25 feet from the front property line, 20 feet from the rear property line, and 15 feet on the side property lines.


Applicant’s Justification for the Request:   

The applicant seeks to build a single family dwelling, which he intends to live in, but the zoning regulations of the R2 Zoning District will not permit an additional dwelling.


Planning and Zoning History:  

The house on the property was constructed in 1970 according to County records. Zoning of the property has been R2 since 1980.


Comprehensive Plan:


The Crozet Master Plan designates this property CT 4 Urban General and designates this area of Crozet as an edge to Downtown. As such, this CT 4 area is intended to support the center with a variety of residential types and some mixture of uses. The density recommended in the Crozet Master Plan for single family dwelling is 4.5 dwelling units per acre. This rezoning proposal fits within these guidelines in the Plan. An additional single family dwelling at the proposed location within this part of Crozet is an appropriate housing type and density.  Since this rezoning request is to infill within an existing neighborhood that dates to the 1950s, it was not reviewed for conformity with the principles of the Neighborhood Model.


Analysis of the Rezoning Request:


By-right Use of the Property


The property is zoned R-2 Residential, which allows single family detached dwellings and other uses characteristically supportive of residential areas. The residential density allowed by-right is 2 dwelling units per acre with up to 3 dwelling units per acre with bonus provisions. By-right, only the one dwelling is permitted on the property.


Relationship between the application and the purpose and intent of the requested zoning district


This rezoning is consistent with the intent of the R-4 Zoning District, which is intended to provide for compact, medium density, single family development with a variety of housing types and incentives for clustering.  

Anticipated impact on public facilities and services


The proposed lot and residence would take access from St. George Avenue/Route 1216 and one additional residence on this road does not cause negative impacts.  VDOT provided comments on this request: This rezoning will allow for the subdivision a single lot into two residential lots with adequate entrance locations; No additional improvements are required.

Water and Sewer

This property is located in the Albemarle County Service Authority’s Jurisdictional Area for water and sewer and service is available to this site.

Stormwater management, School, and Fiscal Impacts

 No impacts were identified with this rezoning request.



Anticipated impact on cultural and historic resources


No impacts were identified.



Anticipated impact on nearby and surrounding properties


No impacts are expected from this rezoning request. The proposal fits well with the existing residential character. The proposed new lot that will result if this rezoning is approved will be of comparable size to other surrounding parcels.


Public need and justification for the change


Approval of this rezoning would potentially allow a residence to be built that would be consistent with the pattern of single family residences located along Wayland Drive and St. George Avenue.




Staff recommends approval of ZMA 04-13 of to rezone .68 acres of Tax Map 56A1, Section 2, Block A, Parcel 3 from the R-2 to R-4 Zoning District.



SUB 2005-00274 Waiver Request


The applicant has submitted a waiver request and provided a justification to allow a separate entrance for the newly created lot onto St. George Avenue. (Attachment C) Section 14-404(A) of the Subdivision Ordinance (Attachment D) requires that the new lot and residue parcel share a joint entrance.


According to Section 14-404 the requirements of the section may be waived by the Commission and indicates that in review of the waiver, the Commission shall determine whether:


(i)                 the county engineer recommends an alternative standard;


Engineering is in agreement with this waiver request and does not offer any additional recommendations.


(ii) because of unusual size, topography, shape of the property, location of the property or other unusual conditions, excluding the proprietary interests of the subdivider, strict application of the applicable requirements would result in significant degradation of the property or to the land adjacent thereto. In approving a waiver, the commission shall find that requiring the standard would not forward the purposes of this chapter or otherwise serve the public interest; and granting the waiver would not be detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare, to the orderly development of the area, to sound engineering practices, and to the land adjacent thereto. In reviewing a waiver request, the commission may allow a substitute design of comparable quality, but differing from that required, if it finds that the subdivider would achieve results which substantially satisfy the overall purposes of this chapter in a manner equal to or exceeding the desired effects of the requirement.




Strict application of the requirements of this chapter would result in degradation of the property through creation of a shared driveway to serve the proposed lot and the residue. It would be challenging to create this shared access with the size of the lot and the location of the existing residence on the residue. Having the new lot served by an entrance from St. George Avenue would better fit the pattern of surrounding development. Granting this waiver request would not be detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare and does promote orderly development.  




Staff recommends that the request to waive Section 14-404 be granted.



PRIVATE Attachments:


A.       Location Map

B.     Crozet Master Plan and Rezoning site

C.      Subdivision and Survey Plat of parcel, prepared by Roudabush, Gale & Associates Inc.

D.     Waiver request letter, dated September 5, 2005

E.     Section 14-404 of the Subdivision Ordinance

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