ZMA 2005-012 Sandridge (Signs #59,71) - Request to rezone .68 acres from the R-2 (Residential) Zoning District to the R-4 (Residential) Zoning District to allow creation of an additional lot and construction of a single-family dwelling. The R-4 Zoning District allows 4 dwelling units per acre. The property, with a street address of 5709 Wayland Drive, is described as Tax Map 56A1, Section 2, Block A, Parcel 3 and is located between Wayland Drive (Route 1216)  and St. George Avenue (Route 1202), approximately 200 feet east of Crozet Avenue (Route 810)  in the White Hall Magisterial district. The property is located in the Community of Crozet as designated in the Comprehensive Plan. The Crozet Master Plan designates the property as Urban General (CT 4), which is intended to support the center of downtown with a variety of residential types and a mixture of residential and commercial uses. Maximum allowed residential density is 4.5 dwelling units per acre for single family detached, single family attached, and duplexes; up to 12 dwelling units per acre for townhouses and apartments; and up to 18 dwelling units per acre in a mixed use setting.  There is a concurrent subdivision application (SUB200500274) for this property. (Rebecca Ragsdale)


Ms. Ragsdale summarized the staff report.  (See attached staff report.)


Mr. Edgerton asked if there were any questions for staff.  There being none, he opened the public hearing and invited the applicant to address the Commission.


M.W. Sandridge stated that he wanted to build a single-family dwelling and subdivide the present lot.


There being no questions for the applicant, Mr. Edgerton invited public comment.  There being none, he closed the public hearing to bring the matter back before the Commission for consideration.


Ms. Higgins asked if staff has heard from any of the adjacent property owners, and Ms. Ragsdale stated that they have not.


Ms. Joseph stated that the request makes perfect sense because all of the lots appear to be nonconforming.  The proposed lots conform to the rest of the neighborhood and the subdivision. She felt that regarding the waiver request that it was much less a degradation to the property as it is using the other part of the ordinance that says that it is an unusual circumstance because it has two frontage.  She asked if they could pick one aspect of the waiver and focus on that.


Mr. Kamptner stated that there is a glitch in Section 14-04 that the ordinance does not recognize this kind of situation for a subdivision. So when they go back and do some housekeeping clean up for the new ordinance they will address this.


Ms. Joseph stated that it appears to be very complicated for anyone who even has road frontage to do a subdivision without a waiver request from the Commission.  She asked if she had read that right.


Mr. Kamptner agreed that it is complicated.  But, it is an either or section.


Regarding Action on ZMA-2005-12:


Motion:  Ms. Joseph moved, Mr. Morris seconded, that ZMA-2005-012, Sandridge, be approved as submitted.


The motion passed by a vote of 7:0. 


Regarding Action on SUB-2005-074 Sandridge Section 14-404 Waiver Request:


Motion:  Mr. Morris moved, Ms. Joseph seconded, that SUB-2005-00274, Sandridge, waiver request be approved as submitted.


The motion passed by a vote of 7:0. 


Mr. Edgerton stated that ZMA-2005-012, Sandridge, would go to the Board of Supervisors on December 7 with a recommendation for approval.


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