APPLICANT/CONTRACT PURCHASER:  Rio East Land Trust/Veterinarian Land Co., LLC



Request to modify the Rio East Commercial Area Special Use Permit to allow a larger veterinary office and hospital than previously approved with SP 2003-58. The properties are within the Rio Magisterial District at Rio East Ct (private), approximately .1 miles from the intersection of Rio East Ct and Rio Road East (Route 631), and are identified more particularly as follows as Tax Map 61 Parcel 124. The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Office Service in Neighborhood 2.



Claudette Grant




Planning Commission Public Hearing – October 25, 2005

Board of Supervisors Public Hearing – December 7, 2005


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BACKGROUND: On April 17, 2004 SP 2003-058 Rio East Commercial Park (Veterinary Office/Hospital) was approved with conditions. (See Attachments A, B & C). One of the conditions said “Any enlargement or expansion of the veterinary office and hospital use will require an amendment to this Special Use Permit (SP-2003-058).”  SP-2003-058 was approved for a veterinary office/hospital of 3,500 square feet. The applicant recently submitted a request to enlarge the veterinary office/hospital to 7,500 square feet, requiring this request for an amendment.


DISCUSSION:  Staff has no objections to this request. The purpose for this expansion is the original local veterinary office and hospital that was moving into this location has recently combined its business with another veterinary office and hospital and due to growth in their business they need a larger facility. The site can accommodate the larger building being proposed. It does not appear that there will be any additional traffic impacts or other impacts that would be detrimental to this request. Staff feels the following outstanding items can and should be resolved during the site plan process:

·          An adequate number of parking spaces are shown for the veterinary hospital and the other buildings if they are developed as offices. However, the plan as proposed would require landowner agreements for cross-access easements and may require Zoning Administrator approval of shared parking. These may be administratively considered and approved during site plan review process.

·          It appears that a lot is being proposed that has no building site-only critical slopes restricted area. As proposed, a subdivision plat would not meet zoning ordinance requirements. This will need to be addressed during the subdivision process. Other options are available to subdivide the property and support the proposed project.

·          The site will utilize an existing entrance to a proposed future state road. The entrance radii do not appear to have handicap ramps, which is a requirement. These handicap ramps need to be added to the entrance to bring it into compliance with the current standards. This change can be addressed on the site plan.




Staff recommends approval of this request with the following conditions, which have been reviewed by the County Attorney and Zoning staff:

1. A site plan shall be submitted for approval that shall be in general accord with the sketch plan prepared by Keeney & Co., Architects dated August 29, 2005, revised October 13, 2005.

2. The sketch plan shows the building to be 7,500 square feet. Any additional square footage of the veterinary office and hospital use will require an amendment to this Special Use Permit (SP-2005-00011).

3. No overnight boarding use other than for those animals under medical care shall take place at the veterinary hospital.

4. The outside area for walking of animals shall be separated from access by the public by fencing.

5. The building shall be sound-proofed and air-conditioned.




Attachment A:            Board of Supervisors Minutes dated April 14, 2004

Attachment B:            Planning Commission Minutes dated March 30, 2004

Attachment C:            Rio East Staff Report, 2004 (Staff Report also includes Tax Map and Vicinity Map)

Attachment D:            Rio East Concept Plan

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