It is the Board’s preference that a public hearing should not be advertised until all of the final materials for a zoning application have been received by the County and are available for public review.  To achieve this preference, applicants should provide final plans, final codes of development, final signed proffers, and any other documents deemed necessary by the Director of Community Development, to the County no later than two days prior to the County’s deadline for submitting the public hearing advertisement to the newspaper.  Staff will advise applicants of this date by including it in annual schedules for applications and by providing each applicant a minimum of two weeks advance notice of the deadline.        


            If the applicant does not submit the required materials by this date, the public hearing shall not be advertised unless the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Director of Community Development that good cause exists for the public hearing to be advertised.  If not advertised, a new public hearing date will be scheduled.  If the public hearing is held without final materials being available for review throughout the advertisement period due to a late submittal of documents, or because substantial revisions or amendments are made to the submitted materials after the public hearing has been advertised, it will be the policy of the Board to either defer action and schedule a second public hearing that provides this opportunity to the public or to deny the application, unless the Board finds that the deferral would not be in the public interest or not forward the purposes of this policy.    


            This policy is not intended to prevent changes made in proffers at the public hearing resulting from comments received from the public or from Board members at the public hearing.


This Zoning Policy will be included in the Board’s Rules of Procedure for adoption each year, so that the policy can be re-examined annually.



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