Dear Plank Road (Route 692) Resident:


The Board of County Supervisors of Albemarle County will hold a public hearing on October 5, 2005 to gather public input on designating Plank Road (Route 692) between Route 250 and Route 29 as a Virginia Byway. Please find on reverse of this page a map identifying this area.


By designating Plank Road as a Virginia Byway, the County and State would be recognizing the important scenic values and a diversity of experiences enjoyed by the public along this road. This route would also link together or provide access to scenic, historic, recreational, cultural, natural and archeological elements. This route bypasses major roads and provides an opportunity to leave high-speed routes for variety and leisure in motoring. The designation of a Virginia Byway would not affect current land use controls, impose new land use regulation or impact any planned or proposed road improvements on Plank Road.


The Batesville Ruritan Club supports the designation of Plank Road as a Virginia Byway.


Please come out and provide your input on this issue. If you have any questions, please contact Juan Wade at 296-5832 ext. 3368 or






Juandiego R. Wade

Transportation Planner


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