Attachment E



August 25, 2005




Mr. Wayne Cilimberg

Director Planning

County of Albemarle

401 McIntire Road, Room 227

Charlottesville, VA 22902-4596


SUBJECT: Virginia Byway Designation Route 692 (Plank Road)


Dear Mr. Cilimberg:


In accordance with your request dated May 23, 2005 regarding Virginia Byway designation of the subject route, a qualification review has been competed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Virginia Department of Transportation. As a result, it has been determined that this route does qualify and that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) should consider designating the following described route as a Virginia Byway:


Route 692 (Plank Road) between Route 29 and Route 250.


Prior to CTB action, Albemarle County should provide us with a resolution in support of designation of the route identified above. In addition, Albemarle County is hereby notified that in accordance with Section 33.1-62, a county or municipality wherein the proposed byway is located may choose to hold a public hearing on the byway designation. If the County elects to hold a hearing, please notify me within the next 30 days including information on the time and place for the hearing. VDOT staff will be glad to assist with this hearing upon your request.


Upon receipt of the County resolution and after disposition of the Public Hearing issue, we will move forward with preparing a resolution for CTB consideration of the designation.





Michael A. Estes, P. E.

Director, Local Assistance Division


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