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SP 2005-016 Hope Builders International





Special Use Permit to allow a new organization to operate a church and missionary in the historic Oak Leigh house.





Clark, Cilimberg


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October 5, 2005


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The Planning Commission held a public hearing on this request at its September 13, 2005 meeting and recommended approval with conditions.  Condition #6 stated, ďSeating capacity in any area of assembly shall not exceed 100 persons.Ē




Shortly before the Planning Commissionís public hearing, the applicant discussed with staff the possibility of increasing the above referenced limit to 150 persons.  Staff advised the applicant that such a change would require additional staff review and recommendation that could not be completed before the Planning Commissionís scheduled hearing.  The applicant chose not to defer the Commissionís hearing date for staff to review the new request and indicated at the Commissionís meeting that they were comfortable with the condition as recommended by staff.  On September 27, 2005, the applicant contacted staff to ask how the Board might consider increasing the limitation from 100 persons.  Staff advised that the request could be made of the Board, but staff would not be able to review and provide recommendation for a higher limitation before the Boardís public hearing on October 5.  Rather than requesting deferral, the applicant asked that the request be provided to the Board with the understanding that the Board may choose to defer action in order to receive staff analysis and recommendation or could refer the request back to the Planning Commission. 


The applicantís formal request is provided in the attached.  In summary, the applicant requests that the sixth condition be amended to allow for seating of 150 for a maximum of 5 weddings per year. 




Staff and the Planning Commission have recommended approval with conditions, including the limitation that the area of assembly not exceed 100 persons.  Without further review regarding the impacts of the additional attendance, including availability of adequate parking and impacts to Plank Road, staff cannot advise the Board as to the acceptability of the request. Should the Board choose to approve this SP with the conditions as requested by the applicant, it should be noted that conditions #1 through #4 may still limit the area of assembly to less than the maximum that is conditioned.  Should there be any additional information regarding this matter, staff will provide it at the Boardís public hearing.


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