WHEREAS, the Board of County Supervisors, pursuant to Virginia Code Section 27-97, has adopted the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code as set forth in section 6-200 Code of Albemarle; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Supervisors is authorized by Virginia Code section 27-98 to establish such procedures or requirements as may be necessary for the administration and enforcement of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Supervisors is authorized by Virginia Code section 27-98 to levy fees in order to defray the cost of such administration, enforcement and appeals.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of County Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, hereby adopts the following fee schedule, which shall be administered by the County Fire Official and his authorized assistants.




FEE                  CODE SECTION                                                         FIRE CODE REFERENCE #


$ 175.00                      Aerosol products                                                                                2801.2

Annual              An operational permit is required to manufacture, store or

Per location       handle an aggregate quantity of Level 2 or Level 3 aerosol

products in excess of 500 pounds (227 kg) net weight.


$ 100.00                      Combustible fibers                                                                             2901.3

Annual              An operational permit is required for the storage and handling of combustible

Per location       fibers in quantities greater than 100 cubic feet (2.8 m3).  

Exception: An operational permit is not required for agricultural storage.


$ 175.00                      Compressed gas                                                                                 3001.2
Annual              An operational permit is required for the storage, use or handling at normal

Per location       temperature and pressure (NTP) of compressed gases in excess of the amounts

listed below.

Exception: Vehicles equipped for and using compressed gas as a fuel for

propelling the vehicle.



TYPE OF GAS AMOUNT (cubic feet at NTP)

Corrosive 200

Flammable (except cryogenic fluids and liquefied petroleum gases) 200

Highly toxic Any amount

Inert and simple asphyxiant 6,000

Oxidizing (including oxygen) 504

Toxic Any amount


For SI: 1 cubic foot = 0.02832 m3


$ 175.00                      Cryogenic fluids                                                                                  3201.2

Annual              An operational permit is required to produce, store, transport on site, use,

Per location       handle or dispense cryogenic fluids in excess of the amounts listed ICC Fire

Code table 105.6.11

Exception: Operational permits are not required for vehicles equipped for and

using cryogenic fluids as a fuel for propelling the vehicle or for refrigerating

the lading.

$ 100.00                      Cutting and welding                                                                            2601.2

Annual              For those who weld, cut with gas, electric arc or flammable liquid or any

Per location       combination thereof, outside of areas approved for this purpose an operational

permit is required to conduct cutting or welding operations within the jurisdiction. 

Exception: In the case of an emergency  which does not allow time for the

prior notification.


$ 100.00                      Dry cleaning plants                                                                             1201.2

Annual              An operational permit is required to engage in the business of dry cleaning or to

Per location       change to a more hazardous cleaning solvent used in existing dry cleaning



$ 300.00                      Explosives                                                                                          3301.2

Annual              To Manufacture, sell (wholesale or retail), or operate a terminal which handles

Per location       explosives or blasting agents


$ 200.00                      Explosives                                                                                          3301.2

Annual             To store, possess or otherwise dispose of explosives in connection with

Per location       operations involving blasting. This will include, but not be limited to company

yards, storage sites and storage sites at job locations within the county.


$ 200.00                      Explosives                                                                                          3301.2

30 days             To use explosives or blasting agents at any project site. The permit shall specify

Per location       at each location the type and extent of blasting to be performed and shall not

exceed 30 days.


$ 175.00                      Flammable and combustible liquids                                                   3401.4

As specified      An operational permit is required:

in applicable      1.  To use or operate a pipeline for the transportation within facilities of flammable

section                    or combustible liquids. This requirement shall not apply to the offsite trans-

Per location             portation in pipelines regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOTn)

      (see Section 3501.1.2) nor does it apply to piping systems (see Section 3503.6).


2.  To store, handle or use Class I liquids in excess of 5 gallons (19 L) in a building

     or in excess of 10 gallons (37.9 L) outside of a building (annual), except that a

     permit is not required for the following:

2.1.  The storage or use of Class I liquids in the fuel tank of a motor vehicle,

        aircraft, motorboat, mobile power plant or mobile heating plant, unless

        such storage, in the opinion of the fire official, would cause an unsafe


2.2.  The storage or use of paints, oils, varnishes or similar flammable

        mixtures when such liquids are stored for maintenance, painting or

        similar purposes for a period of not more than 30 days.

3.  To store, handle or use Class II or Class IIIA liquids in excess of 25 gallons (95 L)

     in a building or in excess of 60 gallons (227 L) outside a building, except for fuel

     oil used in connection with oil-burning equipment. (annual)

4.  To remove Class I or Class II liquids from an underground storage tank used for

     fueling motor vehicles by any means other than the approved, stationary on-site

     pumps normally used for dispensing purposes. (per event)

5.  To operate tank vehicles, equipment, tanks, plants, terminals, wells, fuel-

     dispensing stations, refineries, distilleries and similar facilities where flammable

     and combustible liquids are produced, processed, transported, stored, dispensed

     or used. (annual)


6.  To install, alter, remove, abandon, place temporarily out of service

     (for more than 90 days) or otherwise dispose of an underground, protected

     above-ground or aboveground flammable or combustible liquid tank (per event).

7.  To change the type of contents stored in a flammable or combustible liquid tank

     to a material which poses a greater hazard than that for which the tank was

     designed and constructed.  (per event and annual thereafter)

8.  To manufacture, process, blend or refine flammable or combustible liquids.



$ 175.00                      Hazardous materials                                                               2701.1 & 107.2

Annual              An operational permit is required to store, transport on site, dispense, use

or handle hazardous materials in excess of the amounts listed below.




TYPE OF MATERIAL                                                             AMOUNT


Combustible liquid                                                          See flammable and combustible liquids


Corrosive Materials     

Gases                                                                                        See compressed gases

Liquids                                                                                      55 gallons                                        

Solids                                                                            1000 pounds


Explosives                                                                                  See explosives


Flammable Materials

Gases                                                                                       See compressed gases

Liquids                                                                                      See flammable and Combustible liquids

Solids                                                                                        100 pounds


Highly Toxic Materials

Gases                                                                                       See compressed gases

Liquids                                                                                      Any amount

Solids                                                                                        Any amount


Oxidizing Materials

Gases                                                                                       See compressed gases


          Class 4                                                                           Any amount

          Class 3                                                                           1 gallon

          Class 2                                                                           10 gallons

          Class 1                                                                           55 gallons



          Class 4                                                                           Any amount

          Class 3                                                                           10 pounds

          Class 2                                                                           100 pounds

          Class 1                                                                           500 pounds


Organic Peroxides


           Class I                                                                           Any amount

           Class II                                                                          Any amount

           Class III                                                                        1 gallon

           Class IV                                                                        2 gallons

           Class V                                                                         No permit required


           Class I                                                                           Any amount

           Class II                                                                          Any amount

           Class III                                                                        10 pounds

           Class IV                                                                        20 pounds

           Class V                                                                         No permit required


Pyrophoric Materials

Gases                                                                                       See compressed gases

Liquids                                                                                      Any amount

Solids                                                                                        Any amount


Toxic Materials

Gases                                                                                       See compressed gases

Liquids                                                                                      10 Gallons

Solids                                                                                        100 pounds


Unstable (reactive) Materials


          Class 4                                                                           Any amount

          Class 3                                                                           Any amount

          Class 2                                                                           5 gallons

          Class 1                                                                           10 gallons



          Class 4                                                                                       Any amount

          Class 3                                                                                       Any amount

          Class 2                                                                                       50 pounds

          Class 1                                                                                       100 pounds


Water Reactive Materials


          Class 3                                                                                       Any amount

          Class 2                                                                                       5 gallons

          Class 1                                                                                       55 gallons



          Class 3                                                                                       Any amount

          Class 2                                                                                       50 pounds

          Class 1                                                                                       500 pounds


$ 175.00                      HPM facilities                                                                                     801.5 & 2701.1

Annual              An operational permit is required to store, handle or use hazardous

                        production materials.


$ 100.00                      Hot work operations                                                                          2602.1

30 days             An operational permit is required for hot work including, but not limited

Per site                         to:

1.  Public exhibitions and demonstrations where hot work is conducted.

2.  Use of portable hot work equipment inside a structure.

     Exception: Work that is conducted under a construction permit.       

3.  Fixed-site hot work equipment such as welding booths.

     Exception: Fixed facility hot works, such as shops can be approved on an

     annual basis at the discretion of the fire official

4.  Hot work conducted within a hazardous fire area.

5.  Application of roof coverings with the use of an open-flame device.

6.  When approved, the fire official shall issue a permit to carry out a Hot Work Program.


This program allows approved personnel to regulate their facility’s hot work

operations. The approved personnel shall be trained in the fire safety aspects

denoted in this chapter and shall be responsible for issuing permits requiring

compliance with the requirements found in this chapter. These permits shall

be issued only to their employees or hot work operations under their supervision.


$ 100.00                      Lumber yards and woodworking plants                                             1901.2

Annual              An operational permit is required for the storage or processing of lumber

Per location       exceeding 100,000 board feet (8,333 ft3) (236 m3).


$ 175.00                      LP-gas                                                                                                 3801.2

Annual              An operational permit is required for: 

Per location       1.  Storage and use of LP-gas.

    Exception: An operational permit is not required for individual containers

    with a 500-gallon (1893 L) water capacity or less serving occupancies in

    Group R-3.

2.  Operation of cargo tankers that transport LP-gas.


$ 325.00                      Open Burning (Land clearing)                                                                     301.2

60 Days            For the burning of land clearing debris such as brush, stumps, trees and other clean wood

Per location       to be burned at the site at which it is generated. This would include debris waste generated from the development of property and from burning unwanted, leaning or dead trees regardless of size.


$ No fee                      Open Burning (Yard maintenance)                                                              301.2

   No permit                  For the burning of vegetation that is removed from trees, shrubs or garden plants. 

   required         This would also include twigs and branches that fall or are removed from trees.            

                          Note: The burning of trees, stumps and logs is considered land clearing.


 $ No fee                     Open Burning (Certified burn program)                                                    301.2

                         For the burning of land clearing debris by persons who qualify for and have attended

                         the certified burn program and have received a certificate from the Fire Marshal.


$75.00                         Bonfire                                                                                                         307.3.1

Per occurrence  Issued to the owner of the land upon which the bonfire will be kindled. Fire is utilized for    ceremonial purposes only. Size shall not exceed 5’x5’x5’. The duration of the fire shall not exceed 3 hours. Permit is valid for the date or dates specified only.


$ 100.00                      Open flame in public buildings                                                                     308.3

Annual              To use open flames or candles in connection with assembly and educational areas, dining    areas of restaurants or drinking establishments ( annual).


$300.00                       Fireworks (Wholesale)                                                               3301.2

Annual              To sell class C or 1.4 fireworks to stands or businesses within the county.

                          A bond is required in amounts specified in the Fire prevention code.


$75.00                         Fireworks (Public & private display)                                                         3301.2

Per job              To display or discharge fireworks for ceremonial, sports, fairs or amusement purposes. 

                          For each additional date or location, there will be an additional fee. Before issuance of       a permit, a bond in the amount specified by the Fire Marshal shall be furnished for payment of any and all damages which may be caused to persons or property as a result of any permitted display.


$100.00                       Fireworks (Retail)                                                                                        3301.2

Annual              To sell , offer for sale, expose for sale, store awaiting sale at any retail stand or business Per site               in the county, of any class C or 1.4G fireworks. Insurance or bond required in an amount

specified by the Fire Marshal.


$100.00                       Storage of scrap tires and tire byproducts                             301.2 & 2501.2

Annual              An operational permit is required to establish, conduct or maintain storage

Per location       of scrap tires and tire byproducts that exceeds 2,500 cubic feet (71m3) of total

volume of scrap tires and for indoor storage of tires and tire byproducts.


$100.00                       Tents and Membrane Structures                                                       2403.4

30 Days            Temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies. An operational permit

Per location       is required to operate an air-supported temporary membrane structure or a tent.


1.  Tents used exclusively for recreational camping purposes.

2.  Tents and air-supported structures that cover an area of 900 square feet

     (84 m2) or less, including all connecting areas or spaces with a common

     means of egress or entrance and with an occupant load of 50 or less persons.

3.  Fabric canopies and awnings open on all sides which comply with all of the


3.1.  Individual canopies shall have a maximum size of 700 square feet

        (65 m2).

3.2.  The aggregate area of multiple canopies placed side by side without

        a fire break clearance of 12 feet (3658 mm) shall not exceed 700

        square feet (65m2) total.

3.3.  A minimum clearance of 12 feet (3658 mm) to structures and other

         tents shall be provided.


$100.00                       Operation of Junk yards (Waste material)                             301.2 & 1404.2

Annual              An operational permit is required for the operation of wrecking yards, junk

Per location       yards and waste material-handling facilities.


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