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Appropriation #2006012                                                                                                                         $70,923.76

This appropriation, totaling $70,923.76,  increases revenues associated with proposed changes in the annual fire inspection program and fees and provides funding for an additional fire inspector position.   Detailed information relating  to the program changes is provided in a separate Executive Summary entitled “Proposed Annual Fire Inspections Program.   Additional local revenues of $26,954.00 and $43,969.76 from the General Fund balance would be used to fund the start up costs of the additional position.


Appropriation #2006018                                                                                                                         $23,964.05

The Department of Social Services has received $23,964.05 from the Federal Government for the Child Care Quality Initiative.  These funds will be used in a joint jurisdictional initiative with the City of Charlottesville Department of Social Services to create a position  to focus on planning and coordination of local child care resources.  This position is designed to provide direct training and support for target clientele in selecting and working with appropriate child care.and to provide one on one training with unregulated providers in an effort to enhance the quality and safety in these homes.  The revenues from this grant are 100% federal with no local match.


Appropriation #2006019                      Reappropriation – Incompleted Projects                                   $620,672.61

The Office of Management  and Budget requests carryover of $16,842.00 to fund the balance of the grants locator project and the financial forecasting model.


The Voter Registrar has $47,110.00 remaining in State funds for equipment purchases relating to compliance with HAVA regulations.


The Fire Department requests the reappropriation of $1,642.31 in donations to continue to fund the Car Seat Safety Program.


The County received $1,955.40 in FY 2005 from the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles for its animal friendly license plate program.  These funds are provided to the SPCA to supplement their animal sterilization program. 


One-half of the County’s contribution to the RWSA’s operating expenses totaling $250,000.00 was not expended in FY 2005.


Community Development has requested reappropriation of $249,255.90 to fund the completion of the Development Area A Study and $2,717.00 to fund the completion of the Southern Urban Area B Study.


The Pantops Master Plan has been delayed for some months due to staff turnover.  New Planning staff is now assigned to complete the Plan.  Completion of the Plan will necessitate public meeting and production costs in the amount of  $5,000.00 which were not expended last year.


The Business Development Facilitator position was not filled until June 2005 and did not allow sufficient time for purchase orders to be issued for furniture and fixtures required for this position.  Community Development is requesting to reappropriate $2,500.00 to purchase these items in FY 2006.


Greenway Program Grant funds, totaling $43,150.00, from the Virginia Recreation and Trail Funds for Old Mills Trail were not expended in FY 2005. 


Appropriation #2006020                           Carryover for New Initiatives                                                 $65,982.00

The Department of Community Development has requested funds totaling $3,400.00 to provide for eleven new legal sized filing cabinets to be used in its central filing areas to meet the immediate needs for Subdivision, Engineering, ARB and Special Use files.  Seven of the cabinets will be replacements for cabinets that are broken or in need of repair.  The remaining four cabinets will be incorporated into central filing areas to allow for the expansion of files from cabinets that have reached their capacity.


Staff turnover has left Planning short one Planner position since the beginning of March 2005.  During part of that time, Planning utilized an intern working up to 40 hours per week to cover various workload demands.  In FY 2006 Planning is budgeted for the equivalent of 3 interns working 1,000 hours over the course of the year, which translates to roughly 20 hours per week for each.  One of these interns is devoted to Planning work.  The additional $4,500.00 is requested to allow one intern (or a combination of two interns) to work approximately 30 hours per week to support various Planning program demands resulting from staff turnover and workload demands, including but not limited to sign review and other ARB support, master planning and Rural Area implementation initiatives.


Funding for professional consultant services totaling $20,000.00 is being requested by Community Development to study all development-based fees.  This study would include calculating current costs for each service provided, studying other localities’ fees, identifying those services for which we are not currently recovering fees, and recommending policy for cost recovery and methodology for future increases in fees.


The Circuit Court Clerk has requested unexpended funds totaling $38,082.00 be reappropriated to (1) fund a part-time position to diminish the impact of staff turnover, (2) provide additional funding for the State auditor billing which increased during last fiscal year, and (3)  to provide for the replacement of several pieces of office equipment.


Appropriation #2006021                                                                                                                        $159,252.01

This request reappropriates the remaining balances for uncompleted projects for which purchase orders were outstanding as of June 30, 2005.


Appropriation #2006022                                                                                                                         $26,235.00

The Police Department has received grant funding from the Department of Justice in the amount of $26,235.00 to cover police overtime.  There is no local match.


Appropriation #2006023                                                                                                                        $129,432.00

The Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education has awarded several teachers of Albemarle County Public Schools with grants totaling $13,955.00.  The awards were made to the following teachers at the elementary schools:  Baker Butler; Linda Hutson $500.00, Nancy Kendall Williams $500.00, Woodbrook; Janelle Catlett $500.00, Yancey; Jennifer Underwood $500.00.  Middle Schools:  Burley; Kelvin Reid, MegCarolyn Remesz, and Chris Shedd $4,956.00, Henley; Pat Harder $499.00, Mary Beth Kooken and Kathy Verell $500.00, Jouett; Rob Dent $5,000.00.  High Schools:  Monticello; Andrea Trank $500.00 and Western Albemarle; Sandra McLaughlin $500.00.


Better Living, Inc. has awarded six Albemarle County Public School teachers Staff Development Stipends in the amount of $1,000.00 each under the Golden Apple Award.  Recipients include Leslie Anderson, Greer Elementary; Robert Wilson, Meriwether Lewis Elementary; Kaye Knight, Stone Robinson Elementary; Susan Allen, Burley Middle; Pam Davis, Walton Middle; and Jennifer Sublette, Western Albemarle High. 


Murray Elementary School has received an anonymous donation in the amount of $400.00.  This donation will be used to support the miscellaneous classroom needs at Murray Elementary.


Stone Robinson Elementary School received donations in the amount of $4,000.00:  $2,000.00 from Glenmore County Club and $2,000.00 from State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.  These donations will be used for the needs of the physical education department at Stone Robinson Elementary.


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has selected Albemarle County Public Schools as one of eleven school divisions to participate in the Professional Partnership for School Leadership Preparation Grant.  This grant program offers an alternative approach to administrative preparation that will give candidates the knowledge and skills they need to become effective school administrators.  The grant award in the amount of $99,927 is funded by the VDOE and Albemarle County will act as fiscal agent during grant period of 7/1/2005 to 6/30/2006.


Stone Robinson Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Stone Robinson PTO.  This donation will be used to pay tutors for Extended Learning Time help for students at Stone Robinson.


Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $150.00 from Ray Caddell/Century 21.  This donation will go towards the needs of the music department at Woodbrook Elementary School.


Appropriation #2006024                                                                                                                   $31,524,659.06

Ongoing local government Capital Improvement Fund projects have balances totaling $31,524,695.06 requiring reappropriation from FY 2005 to FY 2006.


Appropriation #2006025                                                                                                                     $7,261,207.90

Funding in the amount of $7,261,207.90 is requested for the reappropriation of ECC capital projects.


Appropriation #2006026                                                                                                                     $2,704,934.85

Ongoing school capital projects have balances totaling $2,704,934.85 requiring reappropriation from FY 2005 to FY 2006.



Appropriation #2006027                                                                                                                     $1,440,385.80

Uncompleted stormwater capital projects have balances totaling $1,440,385.80 requiring reappropriation from FY 2005 to FY 2006.


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