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Appropriation #2005068                                                                                                                         $75,252.87

The Virginia Commission for the Arts has awarded Touring Grants to Murray Elementary in the amount of $37.00 and Jack Jouett Middle School in the amount of $165.00.  These grants will help fund a Theatre IV performance at each school.


Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) is a partner in Virginia’s four-year old Preschool Initiative, Bright Stars.  As a part of the partnerships ACPS provides transportation and meals (breakfast, lunch, snack) to participating children through the USDA’s Child Care and Adult Day Care Program.  The program reimburses the school division for meals based on the students participation and qualification for free or reduced priced meals.  Revenues and Expenditures have exceeded appropriations for FY 04-05 due to the addition of Woodbrook Elementary as a participant in this program.  This agenda requests appropriation of additional funds to cover these increases and balance this fund.


The Virginia Department of Education awarded Albemarle County Public Schools for the Community Service Grant for FY04-05 in support of the Enterprise Center’s (EC) Alternative Program that serves long term suspended or expelled students.  The EC will partner with TeensGIVE (TG) a Community Attention program that will provide structured community service activities to suspended students at EC. 


William Glasser, M.D., Inc. has awarded Murray High School with a grant in the amount of $5,500.00.  This grant award will assist in funding a trip to the brand new Stephens High School in San Antonio, Texas.  Murray High School’s staff and students have been working very closely via e-mail and telephone with the principal of this new school.  The purpose of the trip will be to conduct a series of workshops with teachers, students, administrators, and parents to help them implement the ideas of Choice Theory.


The Open Doors program provides continuing education for the public by offering a diverse range of tuition courses throughout the year.  “Open Doors” is published twice a year, and more than 3,000 people in our community participate in the programs.  Revenues and Expenditures have exceeded appropriations for FY 04-05 due to an increase in the number and types of courses being held.



Appropriation #2005069                                                                                                                        $135,650.00

Several local government departments require an additional appropriation to fund FY 2005 overexpenditures.  This requests appropriates $135,650 from the General Fund Balance to fund these overexpenditures.  The majority of this is related to increased popullation at the Juvenile Detention Center ($61,200) and expansion of Social Services Child Care Initiative ($56,000).  The remainder is for minor overexpenditures in various General Fund Operations.  There was also an overexpenditue in the School’ s construction category primarily due to some abestos removal which can be covered by transferring funds from the Maintenance category.


Appropriation #2005070                                                                                                                     $1,036,912.50

During FY 2005, several grants and programs had financial activity that require appropriation adjustments, all of which are offset by revenues associated with that grant or program.  The appropriation, totaling $1,036,912.50, covers both local government and school related programs and grants.


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