Albemarle County Efficiency Report




Information on the County’s efforts to provide effective and efficient services to its citizens




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Bowman; Mss. White, Allshouse, Vinzant







October 5, 2005


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In 2003, the Board of Supervisors adopted the FY2003-FY2006 Strategic Plan which included a Strategic Direction stating the County would “provide effective and efficient County services to the public in a courteous and equitable manner.” As an illustration of the County’s commitment to this Strategic Direction and its goals, staff prepared an “Albemarle County Efficiency Overview” (Attachment A). This report highlights cost saving and other efficient practices undertaken by the County government over the course of the FY2003-FY2006 Strategic Plan with a strong emphasis on the past year.


This report is the first of its kind to be formally delivered to the Board of Supervisors and was prepared as a result of both  the Board’s and staff’s desire to specifically demonstrate how the County conducts its operations in an efficient manner. Additionally, the actions detailed in the report extend beyond the County’s Strategic Plan by providing numerous examples of the County’s values in action, particularly stewardship and innovation.


Through this Executive Summary, staff will also provide information on how the County’s efficient efforts will be identified, managed and reported in the future.




4. Provide Effective and Efficient County services to the public in a courteous and equitable manner




The “Albemarle County Efficiency Report” (Attachment A) was prepared over the past few months by staff from all local government departments. In determining the value of a given efficiency, staff used the most reasonably conservative estimate possible. However, in instances where the value of an efficiency could not be established due to measurement or resource constraints, a specific value was not reported.


While staff has worked to develop and report efficient practices in their department’s operations, it is recognized that finding ways to be more efficient is and will be an on-going effort.  In order to better identify and report the efficient practices in the County’s operations, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will continue working with departments through the budget process to ensure departments’ performance indicators include an efficiency measure. These efficiency measures will be connected to departments’ objectives and available in the budget document.


Additionally, County Executive staff will evaluate all newly funded initiatives using additional criteria. Staff members have attended training on the Return on Investment (ROI) methodology and will apply ROI principles of varying degrees to evaluate programs and additional efforts on initiatives that have a high cost, visibility, or for those that are

long-term programs. It is the aim of this practice to ensure a high level of accountability for all new programs and to assist the County Executive and Board in making their respective budget-related recommendations and decisions.


The efforts to manage efficient performance indicators and evaluate new funded requests are key components of the performance-based system that the County is striving to achieve. These additional new efforts will take some time for refinement, however; staff hopes the Board will find this information of value.




The specific examples of measures taken to reduce, avoid and eliminate costs are reflected each year in the County’s adopted budget. It should be noted that in instances where increasing costs were offset or avoided, year-to-year savings may not be evident when comparing budget documents. Furthermore, many examples that reduce staff time do not result in a direct fiscal impact, but rather allow staff to pursue more productive endeavors with the time saved.




The “Albemarle County Efficiency Report” (Attachment A) is before the Board for information. Staff has also informed the Board of ways they plan to proceed with identifying, managing and reporting efficient practices in the future. If the Board has any questions regarding this report or suggestions regarding this overall approach, staff asks the Board to provide them and to further define the Board’s expectations.




Attachment A – Albemarle County Efficiency Report
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