Draft Work Plan

August 12, 2005


1.                  Study shall provide a minimum of three alternative alignments that will provide a connection between US 250 east of Route 20 and US 29 between Rio Road and Proffit Road.  Study shall provide a thorough assessment of issues related to each alignment and a recommendation on preferred alignment based on analysis and direction provided during project.


2.                  Each alignment alternative must include the following analysis:


·        Costs – A detailed cost estimate

·        Environmental Assessment- Consistent with what would be required under NEPA

·        Fiscal Impacts Modeling – A detailed analysis of impacts over 20 year project life

·        Analysis of Impacts on Private Property – Encroachment and impediments to use of property as a result of project, as well as benefits to property as a result of project

·        Analysis of Impacts on Public Property – Encroachment and impediments to use of property as a result of project, as well as benefits to property as a result of project

·        Traffic Modeling  - Extent outline below


3.                  Traffic Modeling  should analyze each alternative and include a no-build alternative.  Modeling should be done by extending the existing model currently under development for the US 29 Phase 3 study.  That model is currently being finished by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s consultant and would be available by January 2006.  Traffic modeling should assume completion of Meadowcreek Parkway and Hillsdale Avenue, as currently proposed.  Traffic modeling should not assume completion of Northern Free State Connector between Rio Road and US 29. Traffic modeling should provide anticipated traffic volumes for each direction for both current condition and 20 years in future based on traffic projections.  Traffic Volumes should be analyzed at the following points:


·        US 250 at Rivanna River

·        US 250 between McIntire Road and US 29

·        Meadowcreek Parkway between US 250 and Rio Road

·        Park Street between US 250 and Meadowcreek Parkway

·        Rio Road between Meadowcreek Parkway and US 29

·        US 29 between US 250 and Hydraulic Road

·        US 29 between Hydraulic Road and Rio Road

·        US 29 between Rio Road and northern terminus of Eastern Connector

·        Route 20 between US 250 and Proffit Road

·        Proffit Road between US 29 and Route 20



4.                  Project Management – Day to day project management shall be provided by County staff.  Project oversight shall be provided a steering committee with the following membership:

·        One City Council Member and one County Board member

·        One Planning Commission member from the city and one Planning Commission member from the County of Albemarle

·        Two City staff and two County staff

·        One citizen from the City and one citizen from the County,  respectively selected by the City Council and County Board


5.                  Public Meetings – Consultant should anticipate a minimum of five public meetings and should include cost estimates for additional public meetings. Public meetings should be anticipated for the following milestones:

·        Kickoff Meeting – To inform citizens of purpose and extent of study.

·        Draft Alignment Review – to seek citizen input on studied alignments and identify potential issues

·        Final Alignment Review – Prior to bringing recommendation to City Council and County Board, provide citizens an opportunity to comment on alignment recommendations

·        City Council Meeting – Present recommendations to City Council

·        County Board Meeting – Present recommendation to County Board


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