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Appropriation #2006005                                                                                                                               $68,249.60

The federal CFSR assesses a state's performance with regard to seven child welfare outcomes pertaining to children's safety, permanency and well-being.  The CFSR found Virginia's (and all other states') child welfare program to be substantially out of compliance in several areas.  Therefore, the State is required to implement a Program Improvement Plan (PIP).  In order to strengthen Virginia's child welfare system and improve outcomes for our children and families, Governor Warner and the 2005 General Assembly allocated additional general funds to help implement the PIP.  The allocation for Albemarle County, which includes a 20% local match, is $68,249.60.  Upon review of the outcomes where ACDSS has historically fallen short of the Federal standard, ACDSS has chosen to focus on improvement in the outcome of "Increase the percentage of children who reunify with their prior custodian within 12 months of entering foster care."  The national standard is 76.2% or more.  The agency's baseline, provided by VDSS, is 71.43%.  Our target is improvement to 73.57% by December 2005, and 76.2% or more by December 2006.  In order to accomplish this improvement, ACDSS will hire a Foster Care social worker/case manager whose primary role is to work together with the primary foster care social workers on cases that fall under the Concurrent Planning and/or Structured Decision Making processes.  Responsibilities will include (but not be limited to):  facilitating supervised and/or quasi-supervised visitation, including sibling visitation; representing the social worker at weekly Family Treatment Court eligibility and/or review hearings; attending case-related but non-foster care court hearings such as delinquency, child support, CHINS and custody petitions; interviewing and visiting possible relative placements; visiting child in placement; and other duties.  The local match of $13,649.92 will be funded from the General Fund Balance.


Appropriation #2006006                                                                                                                             - $18,486.00

This appropriation recognizes $34,247.00 in additional funding for the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Grant for Comprehensive Community Corrects Act. In addition, it eliminates the DCJS PAPIS grant which had been funded at $52,733.00


Appropriation #2006007                                                                                                                               $22,007.00

The DCJS has awarded the Police Department a grant in the amount of $16,505 with a local match of $5,502 for a total of $22,007.  The purpose of this grant is to purcahse software, printers and training for investgative personnel to assist with developing criminal investigations and eventual prosectuions.  The local match will be funded from the Police Departments existing budget.


Appropriation #2006008                                                                                                                               $53,372.00

Funding of $53,372.00 is requested from the Board’s contingency for additional costs related to CTS. This includes $16,430.00 for the improved day time service on route 5 (Barracks Road/Fashion Square) and Route 10 (Pantops/Wilton Farm) based on the 40% credit for state and federal transit operating revenues, $16,942.00 in funding for Route 23 night service (Pantops/Wilton Farm), and $20,000.00 to update the CTS transit study for FY07-FY11.  This request is based on the Board’s approval of the CTS funding options presented at your July 2005 meeting.


Appropriation #2006009                                                                                                                              $182,366.00

Funding of $182,366.00 is requested for the final radio system equipment and accessories needed for the 800 MHz radio system.  This request includes radios for the Sheriff’s volunteers and the additional approved position, an additional radio for the Town of Scottsville, radios for the additional positions approved in the FY06 budget for the Police Department, and the associated accessories (microphone, batteries, holsters, etc) for these areas and the Fire/Rescue Division.  Funds had been reserved in the E911 Service Charge Fund for this purpose. The implementation date of the new system is scheduled for August 14, 2005.


Appropriation #2006010                                                                                                                              $160,000.00

The cost of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) contract for the 29N Corridor Study is $300,000.   Funding of this contract will be provided by using $140,000 of Transportation funding already allocated in the CIP and this additional $160,000 from various proffers for the Hollymead Town Center and Albemarle Place.


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