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Update Lane Auditorium Renovations




Lane Auditorium Design Update; Request for Direction




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Stumbaugh, Lilley





August 9, 2005                 


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Lane Auditorium Plans and Elevations

Audio/Visual (A/V) System Descriptions






Staff received guidance from the Board of Supervisors in the fall of 2004 to proceed with a design that retains the large venue capacity, is sensitive to the original character, and provides a means of conversion into a Board Room capable of supporting smaller audience sizes in an appropriate atmosphere.  A design team was assembled to work with Moseley Architects in this effort: Lee Catlin (Community Relations Manager), Ella Carey (Clerk, Board of Supervisors), Jennifer Johnston (Clerk, School Board), Sharon Taylor (Clerk, Planning Commission), Ana Kilmer (Clerk, BZA), Mike Brown (Information Technology) and Ron Lilley (Project Manager).  Their progress to date has resulted in the product that is included in this package.



Strategic Direction 4: Serve the Public Efficiently and Effectively



A plan, elevations, and an Audio/Visual (A/V) System Description are attached to this executive summary for your review.  The plan and elevations show the dais configuration, A/V components (such as cameras and podium positions), and support spaces.  Highlights include:


Dais: The modular dais as will rest on a platform that is approximately the same height as currently exists.  Ramps will allow for handicapped access.  The dais will be moveable for storage against the stage when desired.  Each position on the dais will have a flat screen monitor and a fixed microphone.  Monitors will show the presentation that is projected on to the large overhead screen, so that those seated at the dais will not have to turn their heads. 


A/V features: The audience will view material projected from the rear on a large overhead screen.  The screen will be approximately the same size as the existing screen.  The A/V equipment will allow for a conventional presentation.  In addition, cameras will be positioned to capture large format drawings or scale models and put them on the screen as well.  The A/V systems will allow for the presentation to be carried on the overhead screen, dais monitors, associated conference room monitor, and meeting room 235 monitor.  There will be three presentation points: the main podium in front of the dais (adjustable so that it can face the dais or the audience), a point to the left of the dais where a podium can be set, and a similar point to the right.


Support spaces: An associated conference room is shown (off stage left) in conjunction with a small restroom and kitchenette.



Staff presents this information for discussion and seeks guidance in moving forward to a final design as quickly as is practical. 


View audio visual details

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View rendering of balcony

View rendering of interior elevations

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