TO:                 FILE

FROM:            David B. Benish, Chief of Planning

DATE:             June 6, 2005

RE:                 ZTA 1999-006 Special Events


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on May 24, 2005, by a vote of 7:0, recommended approval of the above-noted Zoning Text Amendment to the Board of Supervisors. 


This recommendation is subject to completion of the following text changes:


·         In the definition, delete the number of 150 and move that to make it a regulation in 5.1.43.

·         Adjust handwritten page 11 (typed page 3) to clarify the temporary signage and increase the number so that it corresponds with the number of events allowed.

·         Adjust handwritten page 14 (typed page 6) in Section d(1) to delete (ii), clarify section (iii) so that it refers to farm buildings or farm structures as those terms are defined so that there is not ambiguity there.

·         Section d(2) make the yard setbacks consistent with the RA yard requirements and they will have those requirements comply to tents and the portable toilets.

·         Parking in d(3) will read the number of off-street parking for a special event shall be as required in Section 4.12.6 notwithstanding Section 4.12.15.a - g the additional parking areas for special events shall consist of or be constructed of pervious materials and include a reference to stabilize turf to be approved by the County Engineer.  Asphalt and impervious materials are prohibited and continue all the way up to the semi-colon and the deleting the requirement for bonding.  Then continuing with the next sentence, “In addition to the requirements of section 4.12.5, the parking area shall be onsite and be screened from abutting parcels by topography, structures or new or existing landscaping.  Notwithstanding section 4.12.16(d) and (e), the delineation of parking spaces and the provision of bumper blocks shall not be required. 

·         Change subsection e(1) to include a limit of 24.

·         Delete the noise limitation in subsection e(2).

·         Change portable toilets in subsection e(4) to simply cross reference the minimum yard requirements.

·         Subsection f will be revised at the end of the first sentence to include a clause, “without amendment of the special use permit.”

·         The last sentence in subsection f will be changed to read, “If the parcel is so subdivided, special events shall thereafter be prohibited on the resulting parcels, without modification.”

·         Change subsection e(5) Portable toilets to read, “If required, portable toilets shall be located no closer than whatever the minimum yard setbacks are.”


The Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on this item at its July 13th meeting.  An updated staff report will be provided in the near future.


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